4 thoughts on “Why I Had to Leave Church Early

  • What brand where you using. Houston only really did that when he needed to go up a size..and there were some brands that just leaked regardless. Prefolds. bum genius and happy heinies (sp) where the ones that worked for us the best….I think…LOL It's been a while.

    Bless his little heart 🙁

  • My baby's diaper exploded all over DH yesterday at church. It wasn't pretty.

    I have been curious about G diapers for awhile now. How do you like them?

  • I leave church early because cranky boy can't possibly make it all the way through because it's right during nap time. I've only been to relief society three times this entire year! I'd like to say I can't wait for nursery, but I'm terrified to take him there much during the winter because I'm certain he'll catch every disease known to man. My girls always did when they went. So here's to looking forward to primary!

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