Brooklyn and Handwriting

So the only part of homeschooling I haven’t enjoyed this year is getting Brooklyn to do her handwriting.
She really struggles with handwriting.

And without all the back story of what I’ve tried with her I’ll skip right to the thing that finally helped her..

I read in one of my homeschooling books about a trick to help children see where the letters should go in the lines. You have each section of the line a different color. Top is blue for the sky. Middle is green for the grass. Bottom is brown for the ground. Brooklyn’s handwriting is SO much better since implementing that!

I had to create my own lined, colored paper in photoshop but it was worth the effort. You can’t see her writing well in this picture, but you can see the colored lines.

What she copied was our scripture verse for the week from the Book of Mormon, well the first half of it anyway: “And Jesus said unto the children of men: Follow thou me.”

Now with the colored paper she stays in the lines a lot better. If you have a writer struggling to stay in the lines, try it out. And if you want the file for the colored paper let me know and I’ll email it to you. It’s not perfect, but better than nothing right?

And now onto little Sierra.
She has went through three Kumon tracing books and this week she said she wanted to try to write on regular paper. I wrote down a piece of our scripture verse of the week and had her copy it.

And she did really well! (It says Follow me)

Afterwards she wrote her name for the first time.

It’s so nice to see that she won’t have handwriting struggles. Though I have the colored paper template on hand if she did!

8 thoughts on “Brooklyn and Handwriting

  • Great idea šŸ™‚ I know Holly struggles on exactly how to use that writing paper – I try to explain to her to use the blue line/red line/dotted line, etc… But, it is hard for some reason.

  • I would LOVE the handwriting paper file. Natalie also struggles with keeping her letters in the right areas of the lines. I'd never heard about the color coding, but it makes sense!

  • In elementary school, we used paper that was colored like ice cream flavors, chocolate on the bottom, vanilla in the middle, and strawberry on top. It was a great way to learn!

  • That's cool! I would love the file! My son has been writing since he was 3, but he got into bad habits, and I have to reteach him. We're using Handwriting Without Tears, and it's okay, but I'd like to try something different. His problem is that he always wants to start from the bottom of the letter and go up.
    My e-mail is wholarmor at

  • You said, “She has went….” Since you're homeschooling just thought I'd let you know that the proper way to say it would be, “She has gone…” Not being snarky, just trying to help. šŸ™‚ Love the paper idea.

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