My Poor Little Sierra

After the movie we were getting the kids ready for bed when Sierra ran happily into the family room and dove onto the ottoman.

The ottoman is closed most of the time so in the dark of the room she didn’t realize it was open and basically a gaping hole. When she tried to lay on it her arms went right into the middle and her face went right into the edge. Both her lips got pretty beat up.

Luckily Payson was long since in bed and Brooklyn was heading that way as well. Sierra was able to get some much needed cuddle time with both Allan and me.

I took all these pictures quite a bit after it happened. She was so brave. She’s such a tough kid, really.

She had turned and started smiling at Allan.

She had some blood around her teeth so we got her a straw to drink out of to help rinse it out.

My gosh I love these two.

And then I read her some stories and finally she went to bed with Allan’s childhood lovie, a bear named Wallie, cuddled up with her.

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