More Shots from My Mom and Sister’s Visit

I can’t really say a lot because I don’t really have any extra time to spend on the computer tonight!

But I will say, isn’t my sister gorgeous!?
I miss her so much.
And I really miss my sweet little nephew.
Seriously, I need to live near them.

Getting a group shot was so dang hard. I’m really not talented at group shots, as you all know!

I do like all the ones I take, of course. I just never ever seem to capture something where all the kids are at least looking at the camera. lol

I love how Sierra and Ellie were interacting in this picture.

As I was editing these pictures Brooklyn said to me, literally, over 20 times, “I miss Ellie SO much! Mom, I REALLY miss Ellie now. I really want to live by her! Can we visit her, mom? Pleeease?!”

I love this one of Payson and Ian. Payson adored Ian.

And right before heading to the airport we got a shot of us girls.

7 thoughts on “More Shots from My Mom and Sister’s Visit

  • Such a sweet post. I love the shots of Payson gently touching his cousin's head. That is too cute! Yes, your sister is gorgeous but so are you and your mom, which you have a very striking resemblence to. Hopefully you will get to visit again real soon!

  • A beautiful family, Ariana. Some of the pics of your nephew reminded me of Sierra a little bit. Great pictures of your sister too. I'll be she loves that you took those. I've only lived away from my family for a short time, but it was really hard! I'm sorry you aren't closer to them. Hang in there!

  • Hi Ariana

    I was delighted to see that you stopped by my blog. Thank you so much.

    I have been catching up on some of your latest news. Wow, you have had so much on, but I am happy to see that amongst the medical appointments (I hope they can get to the bottom of Payson's angry tummy problems quickly) you had a chance to have some quality time with your mum, sister, niece and nephew. What a gorgeous family you have. All of the children must have had so much fun being together. It would have been lovely for you to catch up with you mum and sister.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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