Pretty Mellow Day- Subway and the Park

Yesterday morning I was feeling excited about staying home. No errands to run- the whole day to sit around reading and doing school work with my kids.

Around 11am, however, Brooklyn looked out the window and exclaimed, “Mommy, look how cloudy it is outside! It looks really cool. We should go to the park while it’s cool outside!”

I can’t really say no to the park so off we went.

On the way there I realized I was starving since I hadn’t eaten breakfast. So we stopped at Subway.

While we were eating Brooklyn took notice of the Subway employee saying, “Hi, welcome to Subway” to each person who walked in.
And I guess she decided she really liked that because when the next person walked in the door Brooklyn gave them a big smile and said, “Hi, welcome to Subway!”
She did this a couple times and each person would smile right back at her.

Then I heard a customer whispering to another employee about the cute little girls (Sierra was doing it now, too) welcoming all the customers.
The lady asked me, “who started this?” And I motioned to Brooklyn. The lady told Brooklyn to come over there.
And Brooklyn got a cookie. lol

Mmm, milk.

Sierra ate all of her sandwich and then quite a bit of Brooklyn’s (Brooklyn hates sandwiches) so I bought Sierra a cookie. She and Brooklyn were so cute sharing them.

After Subway we headed to the park. By this time the sun had come out in full force. It was about 90 degrees outside. Not the type of weather I wanted to be out in that day.

After letting the kids play on the playground equipment for quite some time I brought them over to the covered picnic tables and gave them bubbles.

At first Brooklyn couldn’t figure out how to make a bubble since the wand was so large. I had to show her and once I did she was pretty darn excited.

Before heading home I decided to get a group shot.

Payson was really interested in what Sierra had.

Then Payson and Brooklyn decided they were done.

This bubble toy entertained Sierra for the next full hour. She loved pretending to make music with that thing.

Payson was in desperate need of a snack, a bottle and a nap at this point. And he was not too happy about being an hour behind on all those things.

Walking from the park to the car took forever. Brooklyn likes to stop and dawdle as much as possible. At this point she decided, “screw listening to mom.. I’m just going to lay here.”

I told her, “You look so tired, you poor thing. Let’s give you a nice nap when we get home.” Which made her pop up, ready to leave, “I’m not tired! I was just pretending!”

By then Sierra’d copied Brooklyn. And she was still playing with that toy.

As soon as we got home I started warming Payson’s bottle. He still likes it about room temperature so if it’d been refrigerated rice milk I warm it a bit.

He was being cranky so I was trying to cheer him up. It just made him more upset, though.

And I thought I’d show this because 75% of the pictures Brooklyn takes look like this. Funny.

6 thoughts on “Pretty Mellow Day- Subway and the Park

  • Love the Subway story. I'm glad they rewarded Brooklyn for being so friendly to their customers.

    I can't believe it is still so hot there. I can tell it's warm just by Brooklyn's face being so flushed.

    Your hair is getting so long. Love the bangs.

  • Aww, what an amazing day! I love those kinds of days, and I was smiling as I read. Thanks so much for sharing your day – and ADORABLE pictures. Made my day!

  • Aww, what an amazing day! I love those kinds of days, and I was smiling as I read. Thanks so much for sharing your day – and ADORABLE pictures. Made my day!

  • Fun day! Cute story! Love your hair!

    May I ask you… I know you've said you always use your 50mm lens but what about your bag? Just wondering how you carry your camera with you. I would so love to carry mine more often and sometimes I do use my camera bag as my purse although it's not that attractive.

    Also wondering….you do such an excellent job of documenting your days here on your blog will you be printing this into a book such as those with Blurb or Shutterfly? Sorry if I'm being noisey just curious.

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