The Gastroenterologist Meets Payson and His Very Angry Tummy

This morning Payson had an appointment with a gastroenterologist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

I managed to bathe and feed and dress and fix the hair of all three of my children and myself all before 9am. I walked out of the house carrying Payson with Brooklyn and Sierra following feeling like I should be stepping up to a podium to accept an award for Mother of the Year. And if that’d been the case my acceptance speech would’ve went like this:

“I’d like to thank myself for being responsible and organized and patient. I’d like to thank myself for not forgetting anything. I’d like to thank myself for filling out paperwork ahead of time. I’d like to thank myself for not wasting time. Leaving on time wouldn’t have been possible without me… and the child mentioned a check?

I got in the car and headed off.

We got to the office at 9:50am. Brooklyn and Sierra ran straight for the TV which was playing The Bee Movie. I headed for the check-in desk. I felt laid back and happy since I was 20 minutes early.

I gave Payson his bottle while the receptionist copied his insurance card and my license.
And the danged bottle leaked everywhere! The same brand of bottle that had leaked at our last appointment. Ugh.

Luckily it was a doctor’s visit and we all know that kids spend most of the visit half dressed anyway.

We were in the waiting room for just a few minutes before being called back.

Brooklyn was in a good mood this time since it was Payson’s visit and not her best friend/arch enemy, Sierra’s. Jealousy hasn’t kicked in high gear for her towards Payson yet.

The gastroenterologist came in and we talked quite a bit about Payson’s history. I was asked a lot of questions all relating to Payson’s eating habits, bowel movements, colic phase, eczema, and all that good stuff.

After that the doctor did a physical exam of Payson. Mostly his abdomen.

And then he told me what he thought is causing Payson’s tummy troubles and what he thought we should do to find out if that indeed is the case.

The doctor very much thinks it’s a food allergy. He said with Payson having such a severe case of colic, when his spitting up takes place, when his eczema started, when his diarrhea and bowel problems started… it looks a lot like it’s caused by food.

And so..
-I am supposed to continue to avoid wheat in his diet.
-Payson will have an endoscopy soon. They’ll biopsy for eosinophils.
-Payson will see an allergist as soon as I call and schedule the appointment.
-I have to collect quite a few samples of Payson’s stool. They’re testing for blood in the stool and for parasites, just in case.

Let’s see… I think that’s it! No answers just yet but we’re moving forward on the path 🙂
Oh yeah, Payson’s stats: weight is 22 lbs. 9oz and height is 39 inches tall.

6 thoughts on “The Gastroenterologist Meets Payson and His Very Angry Tummy

  • Hey, its me…I ran into you at Target. Sorry you are having so much trouble finding out about your son's tummy troubles. Hopefully you will get some answers and solutions soon. PCH is a great hospital, so I'm sure they will be able to help you. You have cute kiddos. It was fun to meet you in real life.

  • oh my! so sorry about your boy.. we have had our share of tummy problems here.. with 2 of our kids (the older girls) we wound up with surgery.. my kids think once you turn 5 you have surgery on your tummy.. oh boy..
    Anyway… I hope it all goes well and I am so sorry about the samples.. ewwwwwwwwwwwww
    and yes, you deserve Mother of the year today! lol!

  • Our daughter, Anastasia has celiac and avoiding wheat and gluten in all its forms is very complicated (but it gets easier). If you ever want to chat about it, drop me a line. toreycervantes @
    Hope your little guy feels better soon.

  • Poor Payson and poor Mommy! Food allergies are so tough, especially in kids Payson's age. I have a good friend whose son has all kinds of gastro issues. At first they thought he had celiac but now they're not so sure. They have to avoid gluten, wheat, dairy and a long list of other things. It's difficult and expensive but the difference is like night and day.

    Good luck and I hope you can get some answers soon!

  • Praying for Payson!!

    I am an advocate of the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) here in Houston and give my all to this organization. We strive to raise money and raise the awareness food allergies. Reading Payson story just makes me so very proud that my husband and I give our time to FAAN. Hopefully sweet kiddos like Payson benefit from the time and energy we devote to this phenominal organization.

    SOOOO glad that you are getting some answers. Hopefully his angry tummy will have some relief soon!!

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