More Stuff To Do

Today we only had a couple errands to run. Thank goodness nothing major or I might not have survived the day.

I was at the post office today and realized as I was getting out of my car that I had left two things, that also needed to be mailed, at my house. Don’t you hate that?

We went to Michael’s. My daughters were pretty darn hyper. I kept telling them to mellow out.
But do they ever listen to me?

One thought on “More Stuff To Do

  • Ouch! My kids have done that so many times. Then after they recover they start up again. Kudos to you for taking them all to Michaels. I don't think I have ever attempted to do that myself. The other day I ran into the post office with all 3 of mine. It was a NIGHTMARE. But it was the day after Halloween and they were still coming off their candy high.LOL.

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