Driving Me Crazy

Life seems so freaking easy on the weekends. I always wonder why in the world I get stressed out during the week when on weekends I magically have the ability to keep up with EVERYTHING.

And then I realize. Allan’s home on the weekends and takes care of this boy while I take care of everything else.

This bouncy chair was sitting in my front room from when my sister was here (my nephew used it).
Today Payson was literally running around my house destroying everything he could get his hands on (which is his daily routine) and I was getting so frustrated trying to just FOLD LAUNDRY that I stuck him in there just so I could leave the room to carry the folded laundry away without him getting into something while I was gone.

And obviously he disagreed with my idea. After all, there was garbage to get into. There were books to rip. There are toys to color on. There are shoes to lick. There are desks needing to be emptied out onto the floor. There are sisters eating lunch with full bowls to be stolen……

5 thoughts on “Driving Me Crazy

  • LOL! I so understand! My 2 1/2 year old has been giving up his nap some days and I'm going nuts trying to keep him entertained(he'd rather be surfing the web, but I'm homeschooling and needing the computer!).

    Love his face!

  • I could've written this post myself! I understand completely. I LIVE for the weekends. (hence why I go into a mini-depression when Tim is gone on Saturdays to football games). This age is so hard. Cayden has stepped up his Denis the Menace status to a whole other level the past two weeks. I think I lift him down from the top of the kitchen table about 40 times a day. Now that he is scaling tall objects and figuring out how to drag step stools and small chairs to where he wants them, there is no safe place to put anything! Your description in the last paragraph made me laugh though. Hope your day goes well.

  • I'm so glad you wanted to visit my blog! Thank you for your sweet comments. I am glad we can be friends on here and commiserate about the ups and downs of motherhood and I can glean from your experience with homeschooling. Good luck with the rest of your day. Laundry is so difficult when Samantha is awake too. At least they are cute even when they are a handful, huh?

  • Love that picture. I know how you feel and mine are out of the actual toddler stage. When I read about your doctors appt. I had to laugh. I felt your pain the whole time. I avoid taking my 3 places like I would avoid the plague. LOL.

    I hope your days get easier soon. Just remember the weekend is around the corner.:)

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