The Adventures of Payson and the Very Angry Tummy Continue

So Payson’s blood allergy panel test results are in. Everything showed up negative.
He still gets diarrhea after certain foods so his pediatrician is stumped on what exactly is wrong with him.
And so next week Payson will see a gastroenterologist.
It’s about stinking time! I’ve been requesting to see one since he was about a month old! This is a new ped, though, and they’re a lot more proactive about getting answers. Which is such a relief for me!

What’s wrong with your tummy, Payson?

I started the elimination diet months ago and I have to say I would guess Payson has a wheat intolerance. Every single time he eats wheat he gets diarrhea the next day.
Same for lactose intolerance except that one has an immediate response. He’ll spit up pretty bad immediately after having milk.

Hopefully the gastro will have some solid answers.

8 thoughts on “The Adventures of Payson and the Very Angry Tummy Continue

  • My friend suggested getting an IGG and IGE test. Apparently one of those the results show up from the stools, not the blood? Anyway, I'd ask for those.

  • You need to get him prick tested, not blood tested. Blood testing is notoriously inaccurate, giving both false positives and false negatives. This info comes from my husband, a nurse, who used to work at an allergy/asthma clinic. Good luck! Poor little guy.

  • I hope you get the answers you need soon. My BFF has a little girl that is allergic to EVERYTHING!! The gastro helped a lot with figuring out what she can and can't have.

    BTW, the kids looked adorable in the Halloween costumes too!!

  • I'm so sorry. Poor little Payson. My first thought was celiac disease. The only way to truly know if he has it is to do a biopsy since it doesn't show up in blood tests. Good luck with him too! I hope he feels better!

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