Halloween Costumes!

Payson was a duck!

Cracks me up!

Brooklyn spotted this ladybug costume within seconds of entering the costume aisle and fell in love.

She was such a cutie during trick or treating. Maybe I’ll share more about it later (when it’s not 3am).

I love that belly!

This year I wanted my girls to pick out a costume without any input from me.

Sierra got super excited over this chef apron and hat.

I’m pretty excited over it, too.

So cute.

And last but not least, Ellie! Ellie was the only one who got creative and mixed two costumes!

Ellie is so articulate. There were so many cute and funny things she said during trick or treating. She had me cracking up all evening.

I didn’t know her at all before this visit and now my heart is aching that she (and my mom, sister, and nephew) is going back home to Washington šŸ™

And I’ll end with this partial group shot. The fake smiles make me laugh.

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