Feeling a Lot of Pressure to Close Down My Blog

I got a couple of emails about my starting a flickr account. (Thank you for the emails!)

Except I don’t post on flickr. This isn’t my account.

I already contacted who I needed to contact. I showed Allan this morning and he said he was going to have a terrible day because of it. And he really, really wants me to close down this blog.
I understand where he’s coming from. His family’s pictures are being stolen and set up somewhere else. It’s freaky.

So I’m really not sure what to do. Allan has been against me having a public blog for a long time. This pretty much seals the deal for him on deleting My Sweet Chaos.
He says of course it’s up to me since it’s my blog and it’s been my journal and my way to connect to others for the past three years. But I know that if I don’t close it down he’s going to feel like I don’t care about how he feels. This is his family and his life I talk about, too.

So I just don’t know what to do. I love that through blogging it’s so easy to connect to people. But I hate that through blogging it’s so easy for people to feel like they’re connected to me.

I could set up another private blog but I’ve never been particularly fond of private blogs unless it’s just for family and very close friends.
So, I’m just not sure.

How to Spend the Day After Thanksgiving

Working on Christmas crafts of course!

The girls were flying their angels all around the room after the glitter glue dried.

And they talked about how the only thing in these presents was glue. lol

Brooklyn used the glue gun for the first time today. She was really careful and did a really good job.

For Sierra I’d ask her where she wanted a drop of glue, she’d tell me, I’d place the glue and then she’d stick the supplies on. Also really handy is self stick foam sheets.

They had a good morning 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

Did you have a great Thanksgiving?

We went to Allan’s parents’ house. Allan’s mom made most of the meal, including the best turkey I’ve had in years.

I made the kids some headbands and fall badges in the morning.

The kids were loving all the food.

Especially Payson. My gosh he ate a lot!

A couple hours after the meal we went to the neighborhood park to throw around the football and let the kids burn off some energy.

The light near this tree was pretty so I asked the girls to come over so I could take a couple pictures.

I really like this one.

After taking some pictures we headed back to where Allan’s mom and Payson were. And just as we did a woman walking some dogs stopped by. They were beautiful dogs and so friendly.

I’d left Payson in this backpack while I took the pictures of the girls since I knew he’d be sprinting across the field as soon as his feet his the ground. I got him out at this point, though.

Allan and his dad threw the ball back and forth.

Payson ran for the ball at one point when it fell on the ground.

This kid loves sports.

After playing for a while it was time to head back.

When we got back we talked and had pie and eventually gathered our stuff and came home.
So yeah, a fantastic Thanksgiving spent with the people I love 🙂

Payson aka Destructo Boy

This sweet little boy would surely never ruin things.

He looks so mellow and innocent!

He couldn’t possibly be in his sister’s room. Her door was shut.

He wouldn’t be laughing about ripping one of her books.

He just wouldn’t.

Not this sweet, sweet child.

He wouldn’t hide behind a table when mommy told him to come out.

And he’d never get into her school books.

Nope, not Payson.

Thanksgiving is Coming?

This year Halloween came up fast. Not to be outdone, Thanksgiving came up even faster.
Can’t we just put it off another… oh… year?
Or skip right to Christmas?

The girls did a couple simple art projects yesterday.
The first thing they did was color some printables I got here while I made breakfast.

After breakfast we did the traditional turkey handprints.

While they painted I told them the story of why we celebrate Thanksgiving.

Then we turned a potato into a leaf stamp.

Oh and check out this site: Hubbard’s Cupboard
Tomorrow I might print a few things from there for the girls to color and read.