Unintentionally All Eating Related

I have done a bazillion things this week and had my camera with me every step of the way and yet the only pictures I took were during mealtimes!
Boring! But not as boring as a non updated blog, right?

My kids get into a lot of trouble when I’m busy cleaning, cooking or making phone calls. As soon as they see that mom’s occupied they’re purposefully finding trouble.

So, I’ve had them working alongside me instead of letting them run off to play.

They love it.

The girls loved these muffins. I didn’t.

Making lunch.

Since it’s still very hot here I’ve been really loathing my kitchen and cooking. We’re to the point where breakfast is cold cereal every day (healthy cold cereal) and lunch is PB&J.
And snacks are super easy- hard boiled egg, cheese stick, and apple.
I don’t typically peel apples since the skin is the healthiest part but Brooklyn wanted her snack all the same color.

I’m pretty shocked that Brooklyn is so in love with eating hard boiled eggs. They don’t seem like something a picky eater would love, do they?

Sierra’s egg had a tiny crack in it from when it was boiled.

“Hey! There’s a crack in mine egg!”

“And I see yellow! It’s my yellow ball!!”

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