Secrets to Making Them Smile

To get Brooklyn to smile I simply tell her to make a serious face. She tries but cracks up.

I tell Sierra to make her angry face. She does and I make a scared noise which she likes.

Payson is the hardest. He’s not a super smiley or giggly boy anyway so catching his smile while having a camera in front of my face is difficult.

And this is after my best efforts for a smile-

2 thoughts on “Secrets to Making Them Smile

  • I like your methods. That's humorous. I can't find a good way to get Cayden to smile at me either. I have to get them candidly when someone else is getting him to smile and have my camera ready. With my camera up, aimed at him, he is not smiling at all, no way.

  • I can totally relate to this… I tell Ellie to show me what a happy face looks like because if I tell her to smile I swear she does the exact opposite. Ian needs me to make funny faces too, so its just so tough! I usually make funny sounds and say “where is mommy's orange light?”

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