4 thoughts on “Movie Night!

  • I love that musical. It was the very first one I ever saw as a child. And this is ironic to me because just this weekend we were watching a youtube video that was playing a song from it. I was telling Tim and my girls about my memory of it from my childhood, because it was my Mom's favorite musical. I was telling Tim that we should let the girls watch more musicals. My girls piped in that they had already seen Highschool Musical and loved it. Well, first of all, they've only seen a few parts of it when it was on tv. And secondly, Highschool musical is the mutt of musicals. They need to see this one. A real Musical. Great picture.

  • We should totally do family movie night next weekend Ellie would love it so much, its one of her favorite things to do!!! We watched Monsters and Aliens while eating happy meals last night. They have My Little Pony toys right now, I am pretty sure it was the highlight of her week so far! Kids are simple, Kids are cute, I love Kids!

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