One thought on “Go BYU!

  • I think almost 1/4 of my husbands wardrobe is BYU stuff. I cheer for them too, but honestly my husbands fanaticism majorly (is that even a real word?) turns me off of it. He gets season tickets every year, and then he and buddies also go on at least 2 trips to away games. They already went to Dallas, they'll be going to Vegas soon, and some game in California later on. Anyway, I loathe football because of how much time it takes away from my family on the ONE day a week we have to do anything enjoyable together. His response…”It's only FOUR MONTHS a year.” HA! a quarter of my entire year with almost every Saturday devoted to football, and it's ONLY four months?!

    okay, I'll bet you didn't expect this rant when posting such an innocent post? Thanks for giving me space to vent. 😀

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