A Hit By a Truck Kind of Day

You know a day so draining it feels like somebody ran you over with a monster truck and then demanded that you run a marathon afterwards?

That was my day today.

Heck that was my day yesterday.

Heck that was my day every day for the past two weeks.

This month’s been exceptionally difficult because on top of raising children, cleaning my house, going to numerous doctor appointments and menu planning and cooking and all that…

I had to homeschool. Which when you don’t use something awesome like Sonlight, which is put together for you, is really dang hard!
We have Sonlight’s P3/4, P4/5 and K cores (people’ve been emailing and asking why we’re not using it for first grade). I was going to use Sonlight for first but we simply can’t afford it this year. I mean, I could squeeze it in with some other sacrifices but I figured I’d just put everything together myself this year and save a little money.
It can’t be that hard.

Oh but it is hard! I do not like planning and putting stuff together!
Oh wait, I LOVE planning and putting stuff together if I have time.
I don’t have time! I don’t even have time to be typing this right now!

So yeah, we’re not doing it this year but will probably jump back in next year with core 1.

So today I went to the Goodwill and dropped off a car full of stuff. Mostly toys and clothes the kids have outgrown. Doing this right before Christmas is interesting. I’m suddenly not even a little bit interested in buying my kids toys. Ever again. I’m thinking they’ll get books and clothes. Which they need.

When we got home this evening I snapped a couple pictures before heading inside.

And that’s about it. Kinda boring. Sorry.

8 thoughts on “A Hit By a Truck Kind of Day

  • That's the kind of days I've been having too… except I nap once a day. And even then I am still way exhausted. I wish with pregnancy didn't have to come the lack of energy and constant fatigue. It's so draining just being pregnant and then having to shuffle 3 kids in there. With completely different school schedules. I am constantly driving to take them or pick them up! So I know what you mean!

    Let's just hope things slow down so we can feel better. I wanna enjoy the Arizona fall and go outside not be so tired that I am constantly indoors.

  • I have had the same day. It started off with slipping and falling today in the ran straight on my back..it hurt 🙁

    Then I had to do a major purge of Houston's room to make room for bunkbeds. We have been purging since this weekend. I could about burn the house down 😛

    It has sucked beyond my wildest dreams.

    I wish I had less stuff or more room :*(

  • Last year I used Alpha Omega LIFEPACS almost exclusively and wasn't terribly happy with any of them (except math), so I decided this year I would kind of do my own thing for 1st grade with Natalie. Yeah, LOTS of work. I found a great site called lessonpathways.com. I actually got in as a beta tester, so got 1 year free. But it's still super cheap anyway. It basically has a bunch of different units for each subject (math, science, social studies, language arts, and phonics/reading) for the early elem. grades. I use it for L.A., science and social studies. I'm still using the Lifepacs for math, and I'm using Explode the Code for phonics. I still do supplement with other stuff I find that I like. And I don't use EVERYTHING that lessonpathways has for each unit, but it's nice to have it all right there for you to pick and choose from.

  • Hang in there! My wife and I are in transition at the moment. And she can't wait until I order P3/4 for her so she has more things to use to occupy the girls.

    Thanks for the Sonlight kudos, and I hope you jump back in next year [smile].


  • We've homeschooled our sons at various age levels: k-2, 3-6. We rarely used curriculum in k and 1st grade. You can buy some great work books for math and language. All you really need for 1st are the “dolche word list,” some great beginning reading books (http://bluecottonmemory.wordpress.com/blue-cotton-books/learning-to-read-books/), math (Office Max has some great books + math computer games), handwriting is so incredibly painful though. Yuck. I hated handwriting.

    I hope today is better:)

  • Sorry you aren't feeling well! I know how hard it is to homeschool when you want to just lay in bed and die.

    We use the K12 virtual academy in our state because it's free and it is great in helping with lesson planning and guidance. I like how it walks you through teaching the lessons.

    Take care and feel better soon!

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