Adventures with the Rucksack Carry

After Payson’s nap I decided to try again at getting him in a rucksack carry (on my back in the wrap). It was so freaking hard but I totally did it!

There are a few things that I would like to do differently but it worked… that’s a start!
And he’s the one that tucked his arms in like that. So cute!

4 thoughts on “Adventures with the Rucksack Carry

  • So I thought you were taking a blog break? πŸ˜‰

    Love the new wrap! I'm kinda obsessed with babywearing. We have the Beco with is perfect for hiking… it can go on the front or back. My dad even wore it on vacation. For quick trips I use a traditional Indonesion sling–its basically just a long piece of fabric that I tie on…not as long as a wrap though. I use it in the hip carry.

  • First off, Payson looks absolutely adorable in this picture!
    Does he stay like that for very long? I could just see my kids pitching a fit and wanting down. I think they are a tad claustrophic like myself. So…I envy you that you get to be hands free. That's awesome and the material looks way cool!

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