Finally Got a New Wrap!

I really love babywearing. I could talk all day about how much I love babywearing.
You all remember the moby wrap I used when Payson was a baby?

I was very sad when he outgrew it. I couldn’t really afford a $100 woven wrap right then so I bought this Amy Coe sling to use in the meantime.

It is really awesome for short trips to the store.
Allan and I want to do more traveling and hiking and carrying a 22 pound toddler in your arms gets tiring.
And so we finally got a woven wrap! The brand is Didymos, if you’re interested.

It’s crazy difficult to learn to tie on, but I’m getting better at each try. Payson is not a very good child to practice on as he wiggles and squirms and dives off my back, so I recruited Sierra and boy did she love it.
I’m hoping to try a few more times with Sierra later today.

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