Utah Trip!!

The trip started off with more excitement than it normally would simply because Allan had just got back from a 5 day business trip to South America. Just spending time together seemed like a treat and then we get a weekend vacation on top of that?!
We stopped for lunch in Page, AZ.

The kids happily played in the playplace while we waited for our food.

What is it with toddlers and shoes? All three of my kids have been obsessed with them at around 1 1/2.
My girls were pretty darn excited to get happy meals since they had My Little Pony toys.

After lunch we kept driving.
It was getting dark fast as we came to Lake Powell.

I don’t know who was happier to be at the hotel. The kids or Allan and me. It was 1am and Allan and I were exhausted. It was 1am and the kids were bouncing off the wall excited to be in a hotel.

Payson was so beyond excited to be out of his carseat. He ran from one end of the room to the other over and over again. Squealing and laughing and grinning from ear to ear.

We gave Payson a bottle while we set up his pack and play.

And shockingly he slept VERY well! After a bottle I’d lay him in his pack and play, he’d grab his elephant’s trunk and go right to sleep.

Saturday morning the first place we went to in Utah was Brigham Young University.
Allan was a junior at BYU when we met. He was majoring in accounting.

For the first 3 years of life together (dating and then marriage) he spent the majority of his time on this campus.
Our daughters have heard us talk about it a lot so it was nice to finally show them the place.

It was chilly Saturday when we got to campus. We were mostly going to get BYU shirts for me and the kids for the game that day.

But we stopped to play in the leaves and just enjoy the fall colors.

After visiting the BYU campus we met up with Allan’s brother Joe and Joe’s wife Drew and played miniature golf. I’d never heard of black light miniature golf before. It was cool.

Allan wore Payson the whole time. I’m sadly selling this wrap since I can’t for the life of me tie it on well. I’ll now be looking around for something else to carry Payson in.

Of course you have to get a group shot.

After golfing, Joe and Drew watched our girls for us while we went to the football game.

I didn’t want to leave Payson with them since he can be such a hassle (to say the least).

It probably wasn’t my greatest idea to bring a 16 month old to a place where we had to sit in assigned seats for 3 hours. He threw a major fit and wouldn’t calm down no matter what we did so we ended up leaving at halftime.

The next day we went to Rock Canyon park. Allan and I used to talk there when we were dating. It’s such a gorgeous place.

The afternoon glow was so pretty. At the very end we did a quick family picture. My camera was propped up with Payson’s wrap.

This field is huge and there is a huge hill you have to go down to get to it. We let all three kids free to run where ever they wanted.

It didn’t take Brooklyn long to decide that where she wanted to go was as far away as she could get. That’s so Brooklyn- push the limits as much as she possibly can. lol

Allan and I watched the kids from the top of the hill.

Payson surprised me by staying up at the top. I expected him to run full force down the hill, tumbling the whole way, but nope…

He was happy to just run free.

He’d go a ways away and then come running back to me giggling like crazy.

And here he comes~

All the kid wants in life is to run, run, run, run, run. Oh and occasionally stop and destroy stuff.

At this point Allan had left me to go wrangle up our daughters.

I lazily stayed on the hill with Payson who at this point had gotten brave enough to go down the hill.

He was tired after stumbling down the hill. He sat playing with the grass.

While his sisters and his father snuck up on him.

I snapped some portraits before leaving.

We went to a few other places we used to go to while dating but I didn’t take pictures there.

We drove home on Monday. I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures on our drive home simply because we were all so tired at that point and really all that was on my mind was getting home.
I did snap this of Allan feeding Payson at our lunch stop.

And I took a couple while we were driving. If you see motion blur- well, we were driving, so..

This area was really pretty but by the time we were driving through it was dark. I can’t believe this shot is at all in focus.

The sunset was insane. Look at those colors! Crazy bright.

We stopped in Page, AZ for dinner and were approached by a couple of people for help and money. Not so fun when it’s late, dark and you have children with you.
It took us 14 hours to get home. We arrived at 12:20am. We hurriedly got the kids in bed and I promptly passed out in a coma on my bed. Allan brushed his teeth and took a shower and then came to bed.

And lastly, here are the point and shoot shots from the trip.
They do this all the time. So cute.

This is Sierra dipping her apples in ketchup at Red Robin.
Brooklyn doesn’t have tennis shoes that fit her so we had to stop at WalMart. Flip flops are not appropriate attire for October in Utah.

And that’s the entire trip. Visiting all the paces we used to go to when we were dating.

Sorry it was so long. But I guess what else would you expect from my blog, huh?

Unintentionally All Eating Related

I have done a bazillion things this week and had my camera with me every step of the way and yet the only pictures I took were during mealtimes!
Boring! But not as boring as a non updated blog, right?

My kids get into a lot of trouble when I’m busy cleaning, cooking or making phone calls. As soon as they see that mom’s occupied they’re purposefully finding trouble.

So, I’ve had them working alongside me instead of letting them run off to play.

They love it.

The girls loved these muffins. I didn’t.

Making lunch.

Since it’s still very hot here I’ve been really loathing my kitchen and cooking. We’re to the point where breakfast is cold cereal every day (healthy cold cereal) and lunch is PB&J.
And snacks are super easy- hard boiled egg, cheese stick, and apple.
I don’t typically peel apples since the skin is the healthiest part but Brooklyn wanted her snack all the same color.

I’m pretty shocked that Brooklyn is so in love with eating hard boiled eggs. They don’t seem like something a picky eater would love, do they?

Sierra’s egg had a tiny crack in it from when it was boiled.

“Hey! There’s a crack in mine egg!”

“And I see yellow! It’s my yellow ball!!”

Secrets to Making Them Smile

To get Brooklyn to smile I simply tell her to make a serious face. She tries but cracks up.

I tell Sierra to make her angry face. She does and I make a scared noise which she likes.

Payson is the hardest. He’s not a super smiley or giggly boy anyway so catching his smile while having a camera in front of my face is difficult.

And this is after my best efforts for a smile-

A Hit By a Truck Kind of Day

You know a day so draining it feels like somebody ran you over with a monster truck and then demanded that you run a marathon afterwards?

That was my day today.

Heck that was my day yesterday.

Heck that was my day every day for the past two weeks.

This month’s been exceptionally difficult because on top of raising children, cleaning my house, going to numerous doctor appointments and menu planning and cooking and all that…

I had to homeschool. Which when you don’t use something awesome like Sonlight, which is put together for you, is really dang hard!
We have Sonlight’s P3/4, P4/5 and K cores (people’ve been emailing and asking why we’re not using it for first grade). I was going to use Sonlight for first but we simply can’t afford it this year. I mean, I could squeeze it in with some other sacrifices but I figured I’d just put everything together myself this year and save a little money.
It can’t be that hard.

Oh but it is hard! I do not like planning and putting stuff together!
Oh wait, I LOVE planning and putting stuff together if I have time.
I don’t have time! I don’t even have time to be typing this right now!

So yeah, we’re not doing it this year but will probably jump back in next year with core 1.

So today I went to the Goodwill and dropped off a car full of stuff. Mostly toys and clothes the kids have outgrown. Doing this right before Christmas is interesting. I’m suddenly not even a little bit interested in buying my kids toys. Ever again. I’m thinking they’ll get books and clothes. Which they need.

When we got home this evening I snapped a couple pictures before heading inside.

And that’s about it. Kinda boring. Sorry.