7 thoughts on “Thanks Brooklyn!

  • LOVE!!!! Awesome shot Brooklyn!! I'm so jealous of all your blog posts lately! They are all such great pictures and I'm so sad I haven't had a moment to take pics of my family and do any blog posts! 🙁 I've been so swamped with work. I need a break. Anyway, the pics of you and Sierra below are beautiful too!! You are just glowing and so pretty in all of these!!! Oh and we watched the Cake Boss show last night too! 😉 That was one crazy big cake! lol Anyway, even when I'm not commenting every time, I am still checking your blog every single day! 😉 Sorry if you've been checking mine and coming up empty handed. I am a bad blogger lately. I really miss it. Anyway, I'm rambling of course. I just really wanted to say this picture is perfect and Brooklyn is quite the little photographer! 😉

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