He Wanted Birthday Cake!

Last week right before Allan’s birthday I was asking him what kind of cake he wanted. He told me he doesn’t like cake. I pouted a little about that and made a mental note to make him some other dessert this week.

Tonight we were watching TV and came across the show “The Cake Boss” (or something like that) and they were making this AWESOME cake of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We watched a few minutes of it and afterwards Allan said, “man, I really want some cake!” and I perked up, “cake? you want cake?”

He said he just didn’t want chocolate cake. He said he felt like plain old vanilla cake or even coconut cake.
That’s all I needed to hear! I hopped on the internet for a recipe and then skipped into the kitchen to make my man some cake!

He blew out all 31 candles in one shot!!

Homemade cake tastes so very different than a boxed cake mix. It’s really rich.

I used these two recipes.
Coconut Frosting
Yellow Cake

It was so rich we each ate a piece and then looked at the rest of the cake like, “who is going to eat the rest of this?!”

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