Payson Playing in Brooklyn’s Room

A couple weeks ago I moved Sierra out of the girls’ shared room into the school room. I moved all the school stuff into my bedroom closet and we’re doing school on the couch or the kitchen table now (more about that in a later post).

Both girls love having their own room. They are sleeping much better at night and getting along much better during the day.

I will eventually show pictures but right now all three kids rooms are in progress and look terrible. Payson’s room has one coat of paint on the wall and all his stuff is pushed to the middle of the room. Sierra’s room has a bed a dresser and her playhouse and that’s it. Brooklyn’s room is the most “done” of the three but nothing’s on the walls yet.

Brooklyn’s been keeping her door shut more often these days to keep Payson from destroying her room but every once in a while she leaves the door open and within seconds Payson is in there playing.

“Who me? Dump out all those nicely organized toys?”

I have been so busy lately and am still so busy today. I feel like I make progress on stuff and out of nowhere there are ten new items on my to do list.
I’d like to blog something fun but have absolutely no time. I should NOT be sitting here blogging this! lol
And on that note I am off to get some stuff done.

3 thoughts on “Payson Playing in Brooklyn’s Room

  • Good luck with getting your list done. It's hard when you're doing all you do. I have 3 but we do not do school at home and I still cannot get my list down. We also need to decorate the kids rooms so I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of yours when you're finished.

  • I've always felt like if it's possible for kids to have their own rooms, it's a positive thing that they do because everyone needs their own sense of autonomy.

    I'd love to see your decorating when you get it done! My kids rooms are always a work in progress too. Chaylee's is probably the only room in the house I consider around 100% done. Abby's is about 75% and Cayden's is still in nursery mode and I probably won't even begin on making it his own boy room for another year. I look forward to it though. I love decorating…when I have the money to do so. Sigh.

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