Finally Got Pictures of the Lovies

Payson’s favorite toys. Elephant and monkey.

He holds the elephant by the trunk and the monkey by the tail and drags them all over the house. They go where he goes.

He often stops and pulls the elephant’s trunk up to his nose.

Same thing with the monkey’s tail… up to the nose.

Not in his nose, by his nose πŸ˜€

You now something funny is I originally bought these stuffed animals to go with the decor in his room when we were staging our house in Texas.

And these days I’m so glad I bought them. I can’t imagine my little Payson running around without them.

6 thoughts on “Finally Got Pictures of the Lovies

  • You changed the blog up again. I love it! That picture of Brooklyn in the header is a great one. πŸ™‚ And I love this post because this is the exact type of thing that I always try so hard to capture of my children. All the time I find myself thinking, I wish I'd filmed them doing this or that or documented it in pictures. It's never a big event, but it's the little things that I will always want to remember from their babyhood or childhood. If you don't get it captured then, by the time you realize you didn't get it, they've moved on and don't do it anymore. When you realize you've missed it, that is one of the saddest moments. He's adorable, by the way.

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