He Had No Idea What Was Coming

Brooklyn had to get her blood drawn a few times when she was 4. She remembers it very clearly.

She asked me while we were waiting for Payson’s name to be called, “is Payson scared?”

I told her that he wasn’t scared at all because he had no idea what was about to happen.

And it was true. He didn’t know he was about to be stuck 5 different times. He didn’t know he inherited his mommy’s tiny veins. He didn’t know how much it would hurt.

But oh he soon found out.

And if you’re wondering, he actually did SO well. I was practically exploding with pride at how patient and strong he was. He didn’t even cry the first poke… he sat there watching the phlebotomist’s face and after she had been moving that needled in and out and all around trying to find a vein he did start whimpering.
He started to cry softly on the second and third pokes and by the fifth he was full on crying while looking from face to face like, “why are you doing this to me?!”
Even then he wasn’t flailing or screaming, just crying like he was in pretty bad pain. It really made me want to just pick him up and run off with him. I have small veins and have had to get blood drawn a LOT in my life and I know how badly it hurts while they’re moving that needle around in your arm.
My poor baby boy.

I told them to not try anymore and that I’d come back tomorrow.
I’ll try like crazy to get even more liquids in the kid. I just don’t know how they’ll get enough blood, though. Every single vein they tried burst 🙁

8 thoughts on “He Had No Idea What Was Coming

  • Aww poor little guy. What a brave little boy he is. I have small veins as does Junior and they always have to use a Butterfly needle and remove the blood out of a vein from our hands.

    Please tell Payson we are thinking about him and praying you receive answers soon.


  • Awww. Poor guy! I hated when they were trying to take blood from my son when he was a newborn for the PKU screening. They had to keep poking him and squeezing him, and they still couldn't get enough blood, so I had to take him back. I wanted to tell them to forget it and never take him back again. Fortunately, they were able to get enough the next day.

    I hope the next time is easier for you guys! And I do mean the both of you! It's harder on us mommies sometimes than on the kids!

    He sounds like such a brave guy!

  • Poor guy, and **hugs** to you mom. Shots, blood work, anything painful…I don't miss those days one bit. I still hate it when my kids need to get a shot or blood work.

    When my son was around Payson's age, he had to have blood work done regularly. The doctor prescribed EMLA cream to use. It's a topical anesthetic, and it really worked to make the blood tests much less painful.

    Hugs to all, and I hope next time goes better!

  • oh poor sweet Payson! Such a brave little boy!! I would have been fighting so hard to not be crying for him 😉 You are a strong Mommy and your kids are so blessed to have you! His poor little arms! I have small veins too. When I was having Levi they tried and tried to get an IV started. They eventually had to put these little heat packs on my hands/arms to try and get a vein to show up. I hope he has better luck the next time!!!

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