Barnes and Noble

Looking at books while my kids play with trains sounds like heaven.

As if a building full of books wasn’t joy enough they have a fountain out front.

We stood there looking at it for a minute.

And things got exciting when my coin purse was brought out.

Pennies thrown in a fountain. Smiles on faces.

This was Payson’s first time playing with the trains. He really loves anything with wheels.
The tracks didn’t interest him.

This was taken a second before Payson booked it out of there.
There were rows and rows and rows of books for running in, why in the world would he stay at a stupid table???

I brought him back to the table area about a hundred times. He’d stay for approximately five seconds and take off again.

I decided to let him run free and I followed him around.
He’d hide behind bookshelves,
slowly peek his head around the corner,
catch sight of me,
break out into a huge grin
and turn and run the other way, giggling the whole time.
It was fun…. for about ten minutes.
Thirty minutes was plenty and I was a little bit ready to go.
Payson didn’t agree with my decision to leave.

At all.

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