Some Random Ones

Snaps from today.

Can you see his tooth coming in? Boy oh boy has he let me know he’s not happy about that.
If you put your finger by his mouth and ask him to show you his teeth he opens wide and you can tell he’s proud to show them off.

He has not been napping well this week. Cranky kid not napping= cranky mom not getting much done.

Sierra sucking her thumb before snacktime.

She was asking me if it was “really time for food now because I’m starving!

After snack I gave them these fun dip candies I found in the cupboard.

They were the sour kind.

Payson didn’t get fun dip, he got a cracker.

3 thoughts on “Some Random Ones

  • Fun pics! Sorry to hear about a cranky teething little guy!

    Good to know that with all the healthy food you feed your kids that you give in with the junk on occasion! 😉 I don't feel so insignificant anymore. LOL.

  • The boys just must be at that age for more teeth. Eli just cut a tooth also and has been so cranky for the past month. He was even getting up in the middle of the night. It was awful!
    And mmmmmm for Fun Dip. Possibly not for the sour kind but at least the stick is still yummy!

  • I love ALL of these pictures!! Oh, my.

    I saw your tweet the other day about will-summer-ever-be-over?? and I think, I *think* it's over for us. We've had rain and -wait for it!- 70 degree temps for about a week. Bliss!

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