The Adventures of Payson and the Very Angry Tummy

It’s been an interesting experience having Payson for a son.
I can’t say it surprises me that he has lactose intolerance… several people in my family do as well. It does surprise me that he’s seeming to react to soy.

At least that’s what I and his pediatrician suspect is causing his off and on diarrhea.
He’s now on rice milk and we’re all hoping his tummy problems will go away.

This might help my poor bum get a break?!

Well that sounds pretty good to me!

Let’s hope this works. Bottoms up!

5 thoughts on “The Adventures of Payson and the Very Angry Tummy

  • I once had a pediatric GI specialist tell me that the majority of kids that have any kind of milk intolerance will also have a soy intolerance. Yet most peds move a kid to soy formula if they can't handle the basic dairy based. Doesn't make much sense, does it? We've had to do rice milk before too. If he has done any nuts yet, my kids actually preferred almond milk over the rice, just a thought. Here's hoping his belly feels better soon!

  • For a while my daughter had an intolerance to dairy, soy, and wheat. It's really hard to find anything that doesn't have that stuff in it! Fortunately, she grew out of it. Hope your little one does too. My daughter won't drink milk anymore, btw. Unless it has chocolate in it, of course. I remember buying rice milk.

  • I'm sorry Payson is having tummy trouble. Oren's had some lately and it is no fun…especially when we aren't at home.

    I love his expressions in these. Your comment above the third picture paired with his face made me laugh out loud. So cute.

  • I'm a friend of Jordan's too and stop here occasionally. My son Owen is totally lactoase/soy intolerant too. Granted he's only 10 weeks old so we get the fun and joy of Nutramigen formula because he HATED breast feeding. Everything I ate gave him diarrhea and gas so bad he'd sob for hours on end. Isn't it such a bummer when our babes have such icky tummy stuff going on? Boo! Hope he feels better!

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