Not Too Many Today

Today I pulled out my little tripod that Allan got me for my birthday.

We started our day off with a breakfast of bagels and fruit for the kids.

And a green smoothie for me. Though this picture looks more like a shot of my chest than of smoothie. Oh well, I was too lazy to retake it.

The kids played with their toys at the table while I baked some cookies for Allan and started chicken in the crockpot for dinner.

Then they watched their annoying shows while I folded laundry.

Dora is the worst children’s program ever. I’d rather watch Barney, even.

Payson got into the school room and made a quick mess of things.

This was cute to walk in on. Brooklyn was being the doctor and taking really good care of Sierra. And Sierra was more than happy to be pampered.

The best part was Brooklyn had this clipboard with a paper and was telling Sierra all the things she needed to do to stay healthy.

Payson didn’t want to be left out of the pampering.

She’s a very animated doctor. She is passionate about health. And it looks like she gave one of her patients a little too much medication.

And this… well, let’s just say not all my baking endeavors end well.

Allan and I watched Man vs. Wild while eating dinner.

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