First Grade Plans

with a little preschool thrown in.

I’ve been asked by a lot of you what exactly we’re doing for first grade. I’ve been avoiding posting one big curriculum plan post because the idea overwhelms me, but here it is! lol

To just get to the “meat” of the post (list and links) skip to the very bottom.

This year I didn’t buy a packaged curriculum. I decided I wanted to put together everything myself from different sources. I purchased a lot of books and I have plans on using the library and internet to supplement. I was going to just post what we’re doing as we go along, but that’s not good enough for you guys. lol

To start out with I needed some sort of guide for our school year. I went to the World Book Curriculum Standards website and to the Arizona Academic Standards website and read through 79 pages of what students are expected to learn in first grade here in Arizona.

And I have both these books:
Which are awesome, awesome, AWESOME. I couldn’t recommend them more. Not only do they tell you what kids should be learning, they have a lot of the information ready to use straight from the book! I LOVE these books. We read from them every day. Oh and they’re SO cheap!

So after I have an idea of what I want my kids to learn that year it’s only a matter of finding the right books and resources to help teach them.
Most of my plans this year revolve around units I’ve planned.
I love units, don’t you?

Anyway, here is a disorganized look at some of the things we’re doing.

For teaching art history we’re using these books I got through Sonlight.

And then as far as doing artistic stuff, well, we do a ton of that. Clay, dancing, music, drawing, painting…. daily stuff around here.

I didn’t photograph all of our books because that would’ve taken me a while. We have a LOT of books.
But I did take a picture of a stack of our books of collections of stories. We read from at least one of these books every day.
I’ll post about other books we read some other time.

Personally I think the most important thing in the early years is just to read to your kids a lot. Read and read and read and read.

Here are some cheapy books I got at Costco to use for geography. The girls love these but actually most of what we do for geography is using library books and the internet.

Here are some books we’re using this week. We’re learning about turtles right now and next week we’re starting a unit on frogs.

Tomorrow I’m planning on buying some butcher paper to use as we’re learning about our bodies. We did this when Brooklyn was four: trace the child’s body and then as you learn about each part of the body you can let them color it in their very own body.
Right now we’re relearning about our digestive systems (we’ve done it before but now in more detail) and a little about our reproductive systems.

Besides Allan’s scripture reading with the kids at night we use these books. Sometimes I draw pictures that go along with the stories and the girls color them in. Sometimes we act out the stories. But mostly we just read the stories.

Here are some books Allan’s mom let me use to help teach letters. They’re really cute. My First Steps to Reading

I’ve already posted about what we’re doing for

And I’ve already posted about
math, too.

And for history I am planning on buying The Story of the World with the activity book just because it looks fun and it’s super cheap. lol
Right now we’re learning American History with some books I bought at Barnes and Noble that are from scholastic. I forgot to take a picture but they’re a series called “If You…”

And lastly, I promise I’ll post more of our preschool activities in the future. I did talk a little about our circle time we do every morning. And I’ll show our preschool units like this short one of the Very Hungry Caterpillar, as we go!!

Talking about plans is great and all but don’t we really just want links?? Lots and lots of links?

Our First Grade Curriculum Plans
Planning: What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know
What Your First Grader Needs to Know

Math: Horizon’s Math book 1 and book 2
Hands-On Standards Grades 1-2

Science: Units and experiments found in library books and online.

History: World History with The Story of the World with the Activity Book
American History with “If You…” Series.
Geography: Costco Books + Library Books + Internet

Art: Come Look With Me

Language Arts: Scholastic Phonics Set
Bob Books set 3, set 4, and set 5
All About Spelling
Handwriting Without Tears
and homemade games

Oh my gosh, I’m done!

Oh wait, this book is pretty cool for preschool activities:
Preschool: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Preschool Activities for 3-Year Olds

8 thoughts on “First Grade Plans

  • How do you keep records? Do you use a daily homeschool planner where you record everything you do in the day?

  • I love looking at what other HS moms are using! I am in my 3rd year of home schooling and I CAN NOT AGREE ENOUGH with how much I love those Core Knowledge books for each grade! We don't buy set curriculums either, you don't need to. There is so much out there that is good and cheap or even free. I also agree with Costco being a great place to pick up books! I saw you had one Hooked on Phonics book, have you looked at their reading programs? We LOVE those too. Abby is doing the first grade one and Jack is doing Master Reader. Worth. Every. Penny.

  • Your blog is such a wealth of information! I love it. πŸ˜‰ I'm doing “tot-school” with Oren right now which I think will help him transition easily into regular homeschool time, when the time comes. I'm so glad you share all this!

  • Thanks SO much for sharing this! And all the links are just great, thank you!

    I just purchased the book “Little Hands to Heaven” from Heart of Dakota for ages 2-5. They keep going with other books, and it appealed to me because I really didn't want to order the entire Sonlight box deal. My oldest is in preschool 3 days a week and we (ha, ok, I) will start homeschooling the other two days with this program. So reading what you are doing is SO helpful!

    I almost forgot, I am always so curious as to why you decided to homeschool, if you don't mind answering I would love it, but totally understand if you aren't comfortable!

  • Thank you so much for posting about your plans. I am considering homeschooling and you are such an inspiration! I just love how you document your daily lives. I've been trying to do that more. Thank you!

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