I’m unbelievably frustrated with my camera. It was just not working today. You have no idea how hard it was to get the few shots I got.

And I’m really frustrated with the self portrait thing. I’m just not good at them. They all look exactly the same and if I see my face this close one more time I think I might puke.

I wish I could buy a new camera, but we can’t really afford that right now.

My girls are just loving smoothie popsicles. Though all that green stuff might not be the best for diarrhea.

Speaking of smoothies. I bought a ton of produce today and washed it all and mixed up a huge batch of tomatoes, green leaf lettuce, carrots, spinach, and celery to freeze and use for smoothies.
Now all I have to do is grab a baggy from the freezer and add it to my yogurt and fruit and blend it up for a healthy, easy breakfast.

Looks really nasty though.

This really is the last day of the self portrait challenge.
I have another idea for a challenge that will still be about me but just not pictures of me… I’ll try it out tomorrow and if I like it I’ll blog about it.
Oh and holy crap did it take me f.o.r.e.v.e.r to straighten my hair today. And I didn’t even really like it. The curls just seem so much more *me*.

9 thoughts on “Frustrated

  • Your hair looks nice! But I'm in the same boat, mine takes stinkin forever!!!

    Ok, I have to be annoying and ask, I'm sorry. I just am so curious as to your reasons for homeschooling as well as the curriculm(s) you are using! 🙂 We are on the verge of having to decide what to do, and I'm always looking for thoughts! 🙂

  • I think we have the same head of hair 😉 LOL

    Yours looks softer though. Mine is pretty coarse 😛

    Go to flickr and search Offically a mom- or OAM and look at her self portraits…they are totally inspiring and a lot of them were just taken with a point and shoot !

    I hear you on the camera…I so *want* a nice one but I want like the mega nice ones and I don't have a few thousand laying around so I am stuck with my panasonic point and shoot or my film canon 😛

  • Your camera is a lot better than mine! Your self-portraits look a lot better than mine would!

    The mixture not only looks yucky, it kind of sounds gross, too. But I guess it's healthy. Like a V-8? I think of smoothies more as fruity ones…

  • Your hair looks GREAT Ariana!! I have wavy hair and have to straighten it everyday. UGH!! I just wish my curls looked like yours!

    I am with you… this self-portrait thing is tough!! I am still at it, but not really photos of my face anymore. They are more photos of my hands, feet and different things I do throughout the day!

  • Now see, as I was reading your post and looking at your pictures I was thinking, wow I really like her hair straight and then you say you didn't like it. This is coming from a girl that doesn't have even a hint of curl to hair. That's how it is with Jordan's hair though. She gets a ton of compliments when she straightens it but I prefer it curly.
    Anyway…I hope there isn't anything seriously wrong with your camera. I think I need to get mine serviced but I really hate to be without it. As many pictures as it has taken in 3 years I probably better.

  • I think your straight hair looks lovely! But, I also love the soft waves/curls. My hair is more wavy frizzy, I couldn't get away with wearing it aunatural. 🙁

  • awwww, I hate doing the self portrait challenge too…but I LOVE looking at everyone elses! lol 😉 These pictures of you are SO beautiful! I really really like your hair like that, it looks so shiny and soft! BUT with that being said I do think the curls are more “you”…just more used to seeing you that way I guess! Do tell what your new project/challenge is!! You know I'm all about starting a new one…it's the finishing it part that I have trouble with! lol 😉 Anyway, love love love all these pics and sad that you are stopping the challenge! I pretty much quit too! lol 😉 I'm doing good to get ANYTHING posted to my blog, much less all the thought it takes to come up with something different for a self portrait! 😉

  • I lurk and never post but I read your blog faithfully. You are beautiful, your kids are adorable, and your husband is handsome. I love the pics and stories. You are an inspiration.

  • I think you look so beautiful in all your self-portraits. I always feel so stinkin stupid when I take photos of myself. Plus I super hate my hair right now and would rather not see it in photos. I think you look fine with straight hair but I do LOVE your curls. I'm a bit jealous of them actually. 😉

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