Hodge Podge

Pissy much?

Muh-ood swings!

Meanwhile in the car.

This little guy was so sweet today.

Now that the school room is Sierra’s bedroom we’re doing our table work out in our front room (formal living room). It’s not pretty in there right now with the painting and reorganizing going on, but thought I’d show you a peek as to how we’re dealing with school work.

If you have $6.99 to throw around you might want to head to Costco. The girls got these scholastic workbooks from there last week and have begged to do worksheets all day every day. They’re super fun and colorful.

Oh and they’re 400 page books. Your $6.99 goes far!!

He Wanted Birthday Cake!

Last week right before Allan’s birthday I was asking him what kind of cake he wanted. He told me he doesn’t like cake. I pouted a little about that and made a mental note to make him some other dessert this week.

Tonight we were watching TV and came across the show “The Cake Boss” (or something like that) and they were making this AWESOME cake of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We watched a few minutes of it and afterwards Allan said, “man, I really want some cake!” and I perked up, “cake? you want cake?”

He said he just didn’t want chocolate cake. He said he felt like plain old vanilla cake or even coconut cake.
That’s all I needed to hear! I hopped on the internet for a recipe and then skipped into the kitchen to make my man some cake!

He blew out all 31 candles in one shot!!

Homemade cake tastes so very different than a boxed cake mix. It’s really rich.

I used these two recipes.
Coconut Frosting
Yellow Cake

It was so rich we each ate a piece and then looked at the rest of the cake like, “who is going to eat the rest of this?!”

Payson Playing in Brooklyn’s Room

A couple weeks ago I moved Sierra out of the girls’ shared room into the school room. I moved all the school stuff into my bedroom closet and we’re doing school on the couch or the kitchen table now (more about that in a later post).

Both girls love having their own room. They are sleeping much better at night and getting along much better during the day.

I will eventually show pictures but right now all three kids rooms are in progress and look terrible. Payson’s room has one coat of paint on the wall and all his stuff is pushed to the middle of the room. Sierra’s room has a bed a dresser and her playhouse and that’s it. Brooklyn’s room is the most “done” of the three but nothing’s on the walls yet.

Brooklyn’s been keeping her door shut more often these days to keep Payson from destroying her room but every once in a while she leaves the door open and within seconds Payson is in there playing.

“Who me? Dump out all those nicely organized toys?”

I have been so busy lately and am still so busy today. I feel like I make progress on stuff and out of nowhere there are ten new items on my to do list.
I’d like to blog something fun but have absolutely no time. I should NOT be sitting here blogging this! lol
And on that note I am off to get some stuff done.

Finally Got Pictures of the Lovies

Payson’s favorite toys. Elephant and monkey.

He holds the elephant by the trunk and the monkey by the tail and drags them all over the house. They go where he goes.

He often stops and pulls the elephant’s trunk up to his nose.

Same thing with the monkey’s tail… up to the nose.

Not in his nose, by his nose 😀

You now something funny is I originally bought these stuffed animals to go with the decor in his room when we were staging our house in Texas.

And these days I’m so glad I bought them. I can’t imagine my little Payson running around without them.

The Joy of Having Sisters

Brooklyn and Sierra have discovered the fun of dressing up their baby brother like a girl.
“He’s a girl now, mommy!” *laugh like crazy*
“Is he a GIRL now, mommy?!” *laugh like crazy*

He immediately snatched off the headband but was overjoyed at getting to play with that wand. The wand lights up and plays music.. nothing greater than that for a toddler.

Unless it’s getting into the garbage for a snack. That is still on the top of the list of his favorite things.

Mission Accomplished!

Payson once again impressed me with his patience and strength at the blood clinic today.

He also impressed every other person in there. I had so many compliments about him. From his behavior to his looks to his friendliness… everybody there loves Payson. And Payson, even though being poked and prodded, was super loving and friendly right back.

I’m happy to say that (after several minutes of digging around to find a vein) they got all the blood they needed!


We stopped to look at Halloween costumes. Payson was really curious about all the Halloween decorations. He kept pointing to things and asking, “what’s that?!”

I can’t remember the last time we took a Target trip that didn’t include stopping and getting a popcorn and an icee at the end.