Poopy Pants that are not so Poopy Anymore

I thought I’d show you guys the outfit that Payson marred yesterday.

It’s actually pretty cute. Too bad it fits him perfectly right now which means by the time it’s cool enough to wear it’ll be way too small.

“I still can’t believe you told everyone about my accident”
And I just have to tell you guys why he’s crying in that picture. He’d just woken up from a nap and is a BEAST before he gets food but I really wanted a picture so I gave him a small piece of cookie to hold him over for the minute it took me to snap these.

Well. He finished off that piece and immediately started screaming as if someone had taken the cookie from him or something. He seriously acts like the world has wronged him whenever he finishes food. He does it with everything. Food or bottle.
Gluttonous weirdo.

See? Another piece of cookie and it’s as if nothing ever happened.
What are you talking about I’m encouraging gluttony? Pshaw.
Cookies solve almost anything. Which is why I shared the recipe in the post below this one.

I love his feet in this outfit. So cute.

*Note no babies were harmed in the making of this blog post.
All babies shown were shortly after given nutritious food.

9 thoughts on “Poopy Pants that are not so Poopy Anymore

  • Aw, he is so cute.

    The poop story yesterday slayed me.

    I think we all have one….my poop stories don't compare to when Houston threw up breast milk…in mouth 😛

    YUCK. It still makes me queasy:P

    Is it weird I have still yet to try anything on Houston in a store?

  • The outfit is fantastic!! I love the colors and the cute monster on it. 🙂

    The crying pic…priceless. I have a superb one of Maddie at Halloween when she was a year old…it involved LONG spit strings. She'll love me for it one day, I'm sure. 🙂

  • That outfit *is* really cute! I'm gonna have to go check out Kohl's and see if I can't find some for Graham for when it cools down. He'll need 24mos (he's in 18m now), they come in that size right?

    I can't wait to try your cookie recipe. I love me some fresh baked cookies! I am so bad about not taking them out soon enough because they don't look done yet.

  • Cute! I think it looks like he will have a little bit of room to grow, but they sure do grow fast! I'm glad you'll get some use of it. It's not like you could take it back to the counter for them to re-hang after he poo'd in it, lol.

  • Can I just say how much I LOVE your blog?!! I used to read it about a year or so ago, and then kinda forgot about it..(sorry) 🙂 but I am interested in homeschooling and remembered you do that. So I found you again. Thanks for all the fun posts and pictures you do about your homeschooling. It makes me excited to get started!
    Your kids are so adorable. 🙂

  • Adorable outfit! My daughter is the same way about food and her sippy cup. It's like you've physically hurt them when it's gone! 🙂

  • Ha ha, funny post! That is a way cute outfit. Maybe he'll slow down the growing and can wear it for awhile. I'd love for Cayden to grow so that I have an excuse to BUY him some clothes. I'm actually thinking of talking to the doctor about it soon. Yesterday he wore some size 3-6 month sweat pants that I bought August 2008 for him to wear last fall. I mean, I know he's growing, but it's soooo slow.

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