Our Tuesday

I didn’t start taking pictures until the day was half over. In the morning we do most of our reading and you can’t really take pictures while you’re reading..
When the girls sat down for their late morning snack I grabbed my camera.

After snack was over this munchkin woke up from his morning nap.

We headed into the school room to do worksheets.

and cut outs.

I was pleasantly surprised by Payson today. He held his bottle the entire time he drank it! It was a good day for him to do that because Brooklyn was learning a new concept (place value) so I needed my arms free to help her with manipulatives.

He was kinda funny with holding it, though. He started off laying down. Then stood up..

Then partially sat down..

and then sat down all the way..

Speaking of Payson, he made his first artwork today. (The orange scribbles, obviously, the little man was drawn by Sierra)

After school we had bathtime.

and hair was brushed.

and two girls whined and whined while their hair was brushed.

while Payson played on the couch. Much to my dismay.

It’s adorable that he’s so proud. It’s not adorable when he falls off.

He found a stack of books the girls and I had read this morning.

and while Payson read the girls had an afternoon snack. Sierra’s not very fond of peanut butter while Brooklyn loves it.

And I’m about to make dinner and in two hours put the kids to bed… blissful bedtime!

Oh and something I want to remember.. I read the girls the story of the Frog Prince today and when it got to the part about the frog turning into a prince both of their mouths dropped open and their eyes got wide. And Brooklyn said something like, “he was a prince the whole time!! That wicked witch made him into a frog and he just had to wait for that little princess to break the spell!! He was a prince the whole time! That little princess didn’t even know!!”
And Sierra was talking at the same time, “He was a prince?! The witch made him a frog?? *laugh* that’s silly!”
It was so freaking cute.

4 thoughts on “Our Tuesday

  • I love this post – thanks for sharing all these parts of you day! And I really do adore the food posts, it motivates me to be better with my girls. Love them!

  • Love the comments from the girls about the princess and the frog! Too funny!

    Also, I love when you take pictures of your snack ideas. I always get in a rut and so it's nice to see new ideas!

    I read your blog in reader and so I never comment, but I wanted to say I really enjoy reading what you write! Have a good one!

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