Look at my baby boy’s smooth chest! It’s been like that for about a week thanks to wearing bibs all the time.

He looks so different to me without eczema πŸ™‚
I’m sure he likes it, too. No more scratching all the time.

I have to pin the bib with a safety pin otherwise he pulls it off.

I don’t know where Brooklyn and Sierra get their poses from.

I’m posting 4 shots of me and the girls because I like different things in each one.
I love how both the girls look in this one..

Of course I like this one because me and Brooklyn are looking at each other.

I love Brooklyn in this one..

And Sierra in this one..

There is never a shortage of silly faces from Beebrook (her nickname)

I LOVE this one of Sierra.

Take note of Payson fake cry in the background.
Don’t take note of the dirty dishes on the counter.

I think someone was jealous of the divided attention of his mother.
He’s been clingy (and whiny x 10,000) because he’s getting FOUR teeth. Both eye teeth and two top molars have popped through the surface! All in one day!

And some group shots.

Sierra was crying in this one because she wanted to sit on my lap. Poor thing.

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