Allan and Payson

It’s no secret that Payson is a total mama’s boy. He is stuck to my side from the moment he wakes up until the moment he…

sees daddy.

Daddy is the coolest person on Earth.

Cooler even, than mommy!

After we get the kids in bed, Allan and I go outside to watch the sunset and talk.

And then Allan watches football while I fall asleep on his lap.
What can I say, he likes football and I like sleeping.

7 thoughts on “Allan and Payson

  • Love the Daddy/Payson pics!!

    The sunsets are incredible… here is Houston, we don't get beautiful sunsets often. We mostly get pollutions sunsets… they just don't photograph as well! 😉

    OH! And the intensity in Allan's face as he is watching football cracks me up! I think all men are born with that “serious football face”!!

  • I really love the challenge you're doing. This is one I should pick up because I have so few pics of Eric. My excuse is always that he looks the same in all his pics lol.

    Especially love the last one, but I have to ask, does he really sit with a football in his lap when he watches football, or was it just for the picture? 😉

  • I sooooo agree with Stacy – something about a daddy and his baby that just makes my heart melt a hundred times over!!

    That sunset is gorgeous!!

  • He even has his football on his lap. He wasn't watching the Seahawks per chance? LOL!

    Miss in' ya mom.

    Guess what? I get to babysit Ellie while Kelly has her Dr. appt. Yay!

    I am extra happy when I get to see my grandkids! Hint. Hint.

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