Early Bird

One great thing about Payson waking up so early in the morning is that we have an hour together alone before the girls wake up.

We have a LOT of fun together in the morning. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day.

He smiles the most in the mornings before his sisters wake up. Don’t get me wrong he likes his sisters.. it’s just that he much prefers mommy.

He loves this stuffed monkey I got him from Target when he was a baby. Every nap time and at bedtime he grabs the tail and holds it up by his nose while he sucks his binky. He does it with his elephant’s trunk, too. It cracks me up. He falls asleep with it laying above his top lip.

During the day he drags it around by the tail. Stopping to throw it off the couch or over a chair. Retrieving it and giving it a huge bear hug.

He loves to fall on top of it, too.

I don’t know if I could ever say it enough. I LOVE this kid.

5 thoughts on “Early Bird

  • What a cutie! I'm glad you can find the good in getting up with him early in the morning, lol. Jayden wakes up an hour earlier than everyone else, and I plop him in front of Playhouse Disney for a while and zonk on the floor next to him. You've inspired me to enjoy that little extra time(though we do have a good time at night after the older two go to bed when we snuggle and sing songs and such).

  • I think it's so cute that he has a special “lovey” (as we call them). Peyton never did: she would take a pacifier, wouldn't haul around a blanket, wouldn't choose a favorite stuffed animal…I was a little sad! Emmy has her infamous orange blankie, and now Hudson has a favorite blankie and it makes my heart so happy to see him lug it around. It's a blanket that I made for Peyton when I was in high school…I made it blue to trick my mom into thinking I was having a boy! HA! And now it's Hudson's favorite, so that makes me happy.
    Payson is adorable, and I'm glad you're having these special moments together before the girls get up. One-on-one time is so important to them (and us) but it's so hard to come by!

  • I love that morning time when it's just you and the baby! Eli always helps me put my makeup on. Nice thought I know but all those little brushes and containers are just too fun. Adorable pictures of an adorable baby!

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