If You Didn’t Want Your Picture Taken

you shouldn’t
have married me
have been born to me
look so cute

Photo a day of Allan, day 1 out of 30.

The girls were outside watching Allan working.

If you ever see a picture of Sierra where she’s standing all funny and bent forward it’s because I told her to stand with her feet flat on the ground. She can’t stand straight unless she’s on her toes! She’s been to two specialists who say she’s totally fine and her back and legs are perfect and she’ll outgrow the toe walking thing around age 7 or 8.

This morning Payson woke up at 6 again.

He wanted to get an early start on his studies.

He recognizes the power of knowledge.

The kid definitely loves his books.

Sierra’s hair had some volume this morning.

It’s finally starting to get some length to it.

And finally, the only one in the family who likes to have her picture taken.

loves to have her picture taken.

loves the attention she’s getting while having her picture taken.

3 thoughts on “If You Didn’t Want Your Picture Taken

  • I love your color on your pictures, I've been meaning to comment on that for awhile. Your white balance is amazing – do you do anything special?!?

    And I have one that loves to have her picture taken also. Mainly just because all the attention is focused only on her for that time. Crazy, but understandable!

    Payson is up EARLY, what on earth!?! 🙂

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