Quality Time

I’m feeling extremely blessed with these three children I have. I want to make use of every minute I have with them.

Quality time. 12 hours every day. My goal is to make it all count. To make every hour a happy memory of their childhood 🙂

We did some baking and cooking this morning.

After cooking, I painted Brooklyn’s table top. (I’ll paint the bottom half next week)

And only dropped my paintbrush once. Yay me.

Enjoying the payoff of our work this morning.
The homemade pizza turned out pretty good. After I scraped off the burnt bottom, that is.

Payson liked his bread but really lit up over the cookie.

No healthy substitutions were used here.

Nuttin’ but fat and sugar. And yumminess.

I got Payson cleaned up and let him down to play while I washed the lunch dishes.
He pulled a cup off the table. Like he does every single stinking week. And then screamed about it like he does every single week.
(later in the day he grabbed the same cup off the table and the last little bit spilled on him. He screamed again. Not the smartest kid around)

Oh and here’s where I let you all in on a dirty little secret of mine.
I can’t for the life of me catch up on laundry. These are stacks of clothes around my house today.
Luckily only one stack is dirty, but still.

Today during school I focused on circle time for pictures since my blog friend, Mindy, wondered what we do.

We do show and tell.

We do this thing where I put random objects in a bag and they try to figure out what it is without looking.

We do puzzles.

And flannel board stories or puppet shows.

And we do our calendar, weather, numbers and letters stuff.
Oh and we sing a whole heckuva lot.

And a couple pictures of what Payson does while we do school time.

Basically gets into as many things possible, making the biggest mess possible in the time that’s allotted to him.

Oh and I didn’t take any pictures of me today because I was just too busy to change lenses to my kit lens but just now I took this one because someone asked me to show the goofy face I do to try to get Payson to do his goofy face.

I took a couple more because I’m starting a self portrait project.

I was hesitant to blog about the self portrait thing because I didn’t want you all to hold me accountable. haha

It’d be a much funner project if there were others doing it with me.
So whadya say? Wanna do a self portrait challenge? 30 days?

8 thoughts on “Quality Time

  • My laundry piles would kick your laundry piles' butt! LOL Oh, I can sooo totally relate to that problem. I don't remember a time (in the recent past) when I've had allll the laundry washed, dried, folded, and put away. It just doesn't happen. *sigh*
    I'd commit to doing one a week, perhaps. Working nights isn't very conducive to living like a normal human being, so I know I wouldn't be able to do it every day.

  • hmmm… i might do a self-portrait project with you. I'm trying to decide on a new wide angle lens because I hate my kit lens, so it might have to wait until after I get it.

  • Yea! 🙂 You are such a good blog friend!! 🙂 Thank you for blogging about circle time!! I love learning all about what you do during school and the every day moments of your life! You are such a good mommy!!!! Your kids are SO blessed to have you!

    Now, why did you go and challenge us to do a project?!? You know I LOVE projects, but can't even keep up with my poor lonely blog! I will *try* to do this too, but I'm also afraid of taking a picture of myself every day! 99% of the time I'm in my pj's all day with bloodshot eyes from starring at this dumb computer editing all night! lol I'll try though 😉 I really wanted to start my family picture project again too, AND I loved your idea of the husband pictures every day! So many projects…so little time! 😉

    Anyway, thanks so much for today's post about circle time! 🙂

    I loved all the pics as always! My kids would love to live at your house! 😉 It looks like so much fun!

  • You need stoneware! No more burnt pizza bottoms! I have several pieces of stoneware that I got from Pampered Chef and I LOVE them. Cooks everything so evenly, and no burnt bottoms! I'd reccomend the classic round stone (good for pizzas, cookies, other things you'd put on a baking sheet), or the bar pan (like a cookie sheet with a lip), and the muffin pan. And they don't pay me to say that (anymore lol). I just LOVE Payson's eyes in the color one with the cookie. So pretty! My laundry is out of control too! I've given up and accepted defeat… for now. Did you make your puppet theatre or buy it from somewhere? I've been thinking about getting/making one to use this school year. And I'm totally OUT for the self portrait thing. If I looked half as good as you do without make-up or my hair fixed, I'd do it. LOL

  • What a fun Mommy you are. You're kids must have a blast. You're piles of laundry look exactly like mine do. Laundry is honestly my biggest challenge in the house. Your pics are gorgeous, as usual!

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