(slept in yesterday’s makeup)

Good morning, Payson!

Good morning, girls!
(she’s sitting in a bumbo)

Good Morning, messy kitchen!

I don’t like you much, messy kitchen. You make me sad.

I don’t like you either, messy family room.

I do like this little guy.
But I don’t like when he is under foot while I cook breakfast.

Here’s something that happens often around here. Diaper changes.

And here’s something else that happens often around here.

Good thing the cupboard is stocked with suckers.

Eating breakfast is meeeessy.

Speaking of messy…
Yes, I’m just a bit clumsy.

But I got that stuff cleaned up right quick.

Along with other areas of my house.

Cleaning makes us tired.

But not too tired for school!!

We like school.

We like math.

We like counting bears.

I love watching the girls work.

The school room was clean for the first time in a long time today.

We moved the futon out of here and the girls’ rug in. We do circle time there.
Circle time is very fun.

Well, it’s not really a circle

but it works..

Checking the weather.

Payson woke up right as we were finishing school time.

and I tried to get a smile out of him

he was not having it

oh but wait…

I guess I got a little overzealous with the pictures.

He started to fuss.

And so my camera went in my camera bag.
And it’s a good thing because Allan tells me there are too many pictures in this post.
Too many pictures?
On my blog??

That never happens.

9 thoughts on “Hello

  • Too many pictures? NO SUCH THING!!! I love posts like this that just kind of chronicle your day (or part of your day). I can't wait until we are moved in and I can set up our schoolroom and get back into the swing of things. So excited!!!

  • Dear Ariana,

    I love you.


    No seriously, your blog is the BEST. I love coming here and peeking into your day, your life, your world! I love seeing messy rooms, and cute silly babies, and school work, and dropped broken things, and a sweet beautiful moma loving on her kids! This blog makes me HAPPY. It also makes me sad. I've never done a post like this! I have no clue how you did a post like this! By the way, there are NEVER EVER EVER too many pictures. No mam. No such thing! Post away to your little heart's content! I love looking at every single image! What all do you do in “circle time?”

    By the way, you are looking extrememly beautiful lately!!! I love all these pictures including you in them! You seriously look so pretty!!! I love your hair like that, and you just look so happy and beautiful! That new “temporary header” picture is PERFECTION! I love love love it! You are such a good mommy and such an inspiration to me. I want to be you when I grow up. Oh darn, I'm already older than you are huh. Bummer.


    Look at that a NOVEL. Have you missed them?! I have!

  • one more question…about how long do yall spend doing school each day? I'm just curious what the routine is like and how much time is spent doing it. 😉

    Ok, I'll go now!

  • Funny! I was just going to say “I love you and I love your blog…” but Mindy said it already! lol
    Well I do. And I do. 😛

    I've got a day off tomorrow…hoping to take some more pics around the house like this. It's been a while since I've done that!

  • I love looking at all of your homeschool ideas! My little one is only 13 months, do you have a certain age you think is best to start curriculum (3-4)? Right now, I just read to him…not sure when I should start more. Thanks!

  • Hi Ariana. 🙂

    I really love looking at your blog with all your wonderful photos of your kids. It reminds me so much of when my kids were at their age.

    I have 5 kids at the ages of 25,21,15,14 and 12 and I sometimes miss so much the time when they were little and all the great stuff we used to do together. Now my time (and energy) goes to keeping them safe from all the hazzards and dangers that teenagers can get into and belive me there are so many dangers out there.

    You can never have too many pictures on your blog and you should see my washing and cleaning – with two teenage girls and a boy who loves football! Alot! 😉

    Take care,
    Nina Margret from Iceland. 🙂

  • I love all the pictures. This post and the one after are great! I think you about the only blog that I read that shows the imperfections and well as the perfect pictures. I will take the pictures of my messy house but then I never want to post them. I really need to get past that. My life is lived in a messy kitchen and laundry everywhere. I should document that. 😉 Thanks, I'll try to do that soon. {smile}

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