Because She’s Growing

We went to Kohl’s today to get Brooklyn a couple dresses. She’s outgrown all but two of hers.
And one of those has long sleeves. And it’s like… a trillion degrees outside. Which doesn’t stop me from wearing long sleeves. But that’s not the point.

As long as we’re talking dresses.. is it abnormal that I want to dress my daughters as if it were the 18th century? I love the dresses in the movie Pride and Prejudice. Do you know where I can buy dresses like that without having to spend a lot on them?
Me neither.

So to Kohl’s we went. I can’t deny that my heart’s been dreading it for some time.
And my heart was right, it was a terrible experience. There was wailing and gnashing of teeth, the likes of which would horrify you.

Before we left for Kohl’s the girls were sitting up on this ledge, playing. Even though they’re not supposed to.

I set my timer and hopped over there with Payson for some pictures.

I really did hop over there. Hopping while singing a stupid song usually makes him laugh.
It didn’t this time.

I took one last one of just the kids.

And then we left for Kohl’s.

Hey, look, I was in the car, too!

My hair always in a ponytail because it’s hot here. Really hot. I’m sweaty just typing about how hot it gets!

Someone asked me a while back if I get dressed up and do my hair and makeup every day.
I laughed quite a bit to myself but never responded.
The answer is no. I walk around looking like I was run over by a truck most of the time.

Brooklyn was extremely moody at Kohl’s.
But once we were in the dressing room with the dresses she picked out she was super happy.

Which made me feel relieved. And ready for a nap.

The sale price for this dress was $16. I was a little… uh, what? This thin piece of fabric?
I’m willing to pay $5 for it, tops.

We bought it for the 16. We passed on the glasses.

I got a new shirt, too. It’s cuter than it looks in this picture.

She loves her new dress.

She wanted to take a picture with me so I took some. My camera was not focusing at all.
After sitting there pushing the shutter button a thousand times it snapped some.

And I loooove them.

She had me cracking up today.

Isn’t she so stinking cute?

This one we’re in focus in the mirror behind us.

I tried to take pictures of me and Sierra together but Sierra is just not cooperative. I can’t make her smile without looking straight at her so most of them are of me smiling at the camera like an idiot while she stares emotionless ahead.

Like this:

And the last picture(s) of the day..

13 thoughts on “Because She’s Growing

  • Hahaha! 18th century…I am SOOOO the same way!!! Pride and Prejudice is SUCH a great movie too! I feel it is so difficult to find appropriate clothes that don't cost a fortune the older Abby gets. Do you ever watch Little House on the Prairie with your girls? A little later timeline but Abby and I love watching it together.

    Your pictures are so fun, as always. You may not get dressed everyday but you sure do fool the internet! haha. There's a reason I don't post many pictures of myself, I wouldn't have any friends, lol! 🙂

  • LOVE the pics of you and Brooklyn!! 🙂 You're both gorgeous!

    I hate when shopping trips with the girls go badly. I usually try to shop without them! LOL You're way braver than I am taking all 3 to Kohls to shop!

  • Ariana – I love your blog! Thanks for giving us a peek at your beautiful family, and for giving us such great ideas. You've inspired me to try to get my family to have a healthier lifestyle. Don't worry, I won't tell the kids that all the fruits and veggies are your fault. 🙂

  • Great pictures!! I love reading your blog! You have a great life!! 🙂
    Oh and target has REALLY cute dresses for cheap! 🙂

  • My only problem with taking all 3 kids shopping is that I feel I need to buy them all something. Let's just say that's why I don't have a Kohl's charge card anymore. lol. Cute dress, I surprised they didn't have more on clearance since they are putting all of their fall stuff out. Maybe yours is just shopped more than mine. Cute dress though!

  • Ariana, your hair is geting to long! I love the curls.
    You are lucky that you get to shop to dresses and cute girl things. 🙂

  • I tried that dress on my oldest this past weekend! It was on sale a bit more, but we ended up not getting it. I finally learned how to sew and started making dresses for my girls. It's crazy what they get for them! I still buy most of them though.

    Ok, I can't say I've seen that movie, but if you have an example of the dress you are looking for, I might be able to point you in the right direction. Maybe. I have a bbaaaddd habit of searching for dresses for my girls, it's out of control.


  • Aww that's so exciting for her to go shopping for a dress! And I don't believe you… I think you look that great everyday. Love your hair. Pretty girls!

  • I love the clothes from that period too. Maybe they will come back in style some day, you never know. Things are cyclical like that.

    I'm a little addicted to buying dress clothes for my kids. A tip to find adorable clothes for way less than you'd pay in the store, and that also have an excellent resale value…if you like Gymboree, you can find great deals on brand new outfits on ebay. Just search gymboree NWT (new with tags) and your child's size. Seriously, it's like they pay for themselves because you buy them at a fraction of their original price and then when you're done passing them down through your kids you can resale them on there and make most of your money back. It's awesome.

  • What fun shots!! I found my cheeks hurting from looking at the pics… I was laughing and smiling so much!!

    BTW – I can only take my one kiddo shopping and our photos would probably not include one smile at the end of the day!! 😉

  • Love the dress she picked out from Kohl's. I'm guessing she's out of the toddler sizes and into the “little girl” sizes now, right? Do you find it hard to find clothes that are not all, um, grownup, to put it nicely? I don't want my 6 year old dressing like a 16 year old!

  • What? I'm the thirteenth person to comment on this?!?! lol
    I can see why you've gotten so many comments today…these pictures are beyond adorable. I absolutely love the ones of your and Brooklyn together. She is absolutely gorgeous. And SIX years old! Sometimes I still find it hard to believe that Peyton is six years old…and I'm finding it equally hard to believe that Brooklyn is so grown up, too.
    I had to run errands with the kids this morning and it took us just short of 4 hours. They did *okay* considering, but me nerves are still frazzled. I can totally relate to how much you dreaded going clothes shopping with them!
    Augh, Hudson just woke up from his nap and he's crabbier than he was when I put him down! Gotta go happy him up a little bit. :c(

    Hope you guys are having a great day!

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