Today So Far

I made cinnamon rolls last night.
I told the girls they weren’t getting any cinnamon rolls until they’re dinner was gone. They still didn’t finish their food so this morning first thing Brooklyn said to me was, “can I finish my dinner and get a cinnamon roll?!”

(first thing in the morning my table’s filthy, the girls are undressed and their hair is crazy)

I usually don’t care if they finish all their meal and will let them have something else if I’ve made it, but last night Brooklyn was being purposefully ornery about dinner because she wanted the rolls. She usually loves what we ate:

While they took a bazillion years to finish their food, I folded laundry.

A week’s worth of it.

When I came back their plates were empty so I heated up some yumminess..

Cinnamon Rolls
I don’t have a bread machine and they still turned out awesome.
If you don’t have a bread machine either, skip step 1 and instead:
mix everything in a big bowl, knead for 5-10 minutes and let rise for one hour.
Then continue on to steps 2-4

The kids loved them, of course.
And they are dressed and the table is cleaned!

Payson got a piece of one, too. I should mention I lucked out with Payson- he’s not at all picky about food and I’m grateful of that every single mealtime!

I sit Payson on the counter while I put lotion on him.
Brooklyn helped me take these pictures by holding onto him so he wouldn’t fall.

He couldn’t resist grabbing an onion. I grabbed it from him right after I snapped this. Otherwise I’m positive he’d have taken a bite.

I wanted to post these pictures I took a few days ago. Allan’s been spending his evenings painting.

4 thoughts on “Today So Far

  • Um, hi. Are you living my life again?! lol :c) So many similarities with this post.
    I've been up to my eyeballs today, trying to get caught up on about 2 weeks' worth of laundry. So far, the laundry is winning the battle.
    Hudson climbs on our couch now, too, and JUST THIS MORNING he flipped over the back of it in his quest to reeeaaaach for something. It was not pretty, but he's fine now.
    And the painting…well, that goes without saying I guess. There has been a lot of painting going on here, too. ;c) lol
    The color looks really nice and warm. Isn't it fun/scary to get the first wall or so painted? I always step back and think, “Oh my gosh…I think I hate it. Should I even bother going on?” and by the time I'm finished I just LOVE it.
    Also, I really love your front door.

  • The paint color looks great. And I am envious of
    Payson being such a good eater. Cayden is so challenging for me right now. Every meal is an ordeal.

  • First I want to say….holy crap that's a lot of food! I never make that much. But then I'm sure you guys will eat leftovers. We don't, so I've learned not to make extra. 2nd…that's a huge pile of clothes. My couch usually looks like until about Wed. only folded and in piles, it takes me forever to actually get them put away. Although yesterday Eli (and possibly Brooklyn) decided that they needed to be in baskets and basically unfolded them all. Yeah, Jordan got in trouble for that. So much for “babysitting.” 3rd…I love the paint color. I so want to put color in my house but I've just never been able to come up with the time or have my house clean enough. I have hope though! 4…love the pictures of the kids cuddling! Adorable. My Brooklyn has just started being more loving towards Eli. I don't know if it's because he's older now or what. If he's fussing or crying she will come to him with her arms out and say “I think he wants me.” It's so cute. Don't get me wrong she still fights with him every chance she gets but she has been more huggy with him.

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