So Happy Together

I let the kids watch a movie while I finished cleaning this morning.

Brooklyn talking.

Most of the time I pull my camera out to take a picture of Payson I get this reaction:

It takes a LOT to get a smile out of him.

Payson loves it when Brooklyn watches TV because she’s a bit more mellow than usual.

And the girls love it when he’s cuddly.

How cute is he? My gosh I love this kid.

I never get tired of watching my kids cuddle with each other.

Watching TV makes you sleepy.

4 thoughts on “So Happy Together

  • I watched a movie with my 4 year old this morning while the baby napped. We watched The Little Mermaid… and she loves it cuz her sister's name is Arielle.

    I love how they settle down for a while to watch a movie. Ahh peaceful!

  • My 4yr old will watch a movie so nicely. My just-turned-two-year-old will have nothing to do with tv/movies. Sounds great in theory, but it drives me nuts! I love how your kids are all watching together. So cute!

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