Perdy Girls

Sierra’s nails grow soooo fast. I have to cut them at least once a week and sometimes twice a week!

I found some nail polish in a cupboard I was organizing today and decided that hey, there’s nail polish sitting here so I should paint the girls’ nails.

I don’t know if you noticed that Sierra’s thumb is unpainted in that picture above. I don’t bother painting it because it’s gone by the end of the day thanks to her thumb sucking.
What? I should try to stop that habit? Oh, right, um, later.

Of course we did their piggies, too. I loved how they sat there with their feet dangled off the couch waiting for their toes to dry.

3 thoughts on “Perdy Girls

  • Cute!! I love pink polish on little girls.

    Ashllie use to love getting her fingers and toes painted when she was a little girl. In fact she still loves it alot as a Tweener.

  • My 4 year old daughter LOVES having her nails painted. And my sister goes all out and paints little designs and flowers on her. Seriously she thinks she's the Princess.

    And it's so funny… we rarely paint her thumb too cuz she's also a thumb sucker! I love it though. So many people give me crap about it… but I let her.

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