Father in Training

I’ve mentioned before how Payson likes the girls’ dolls. I bought him his very own baby last week for $2.99 at Target. He LOVES his baby and hugs and kisses it every time he comes it across during the day.

The other day we were in the front room (formal living room that we use as a poor attempt at a playroom, AKA catch all for random toys scattered through the family room) and Payson came across Brooklyn’s doll. Since Brooklyn was busy in the other room he joyfully hugged the baby and carted it all around the room with him.

We brought the futon into this room a couple days ago and Payson loves climbing up there. He pushed his baby on, climbed up, picked his baby up and sat there and gave me the hugest grin.

He’s very gentle and loving with baby dolls. He’ll sit there and lean against them in a sweet cuddle.

Stare lovingly at their face.

And bring them to the edge of the futon…

by the hair
it’s totally not what it seems! He’s a loving kid I tell you! He would never throw a baby off a couch!

I suppose he’s been caught red handed. He loves on his babies, yes, but he still has a destructive toddler side.

Sorta related- this is what the girls were doing while Payson and I played with babies.

Monday I’m planning on sanding down this table and giving it a much needed new coat of paint. Probably a blue, teal, aqua-ish color.

5 thoughts on “Father in Training

  • Payson is so adorable playing with the doll. I just love his expressions.

    Junior likes to play with Ashllie's old Cabbage Patch baby and gives it hugs and kisses.

    We bought him a little boy Bitty Twin from American Girl store and he just loves it.

    Can't wait to see how the table turns out after you paint it.

  • I love how you labeled it “Father in training”! And I LOVE that you “let” him have a doll. Some people refuse, which I don't understand, but I only have girls so who knows.

    Ohhh, what a fun project with the table. Can't wait (please?!?) to see the finished product!

  • Aww adorable! With 2 older sisters how could you not expect him to love babies?! My nephew who will be 2 this month also has 2 older sisters (7 & 8) and he sees them painting his nails so he really wants his nails painted all the time too. So funny!

  • Way too cute! Eli is also loving towards his sisters dolls. But he still pokes eyes. I think Santa is going to bring him his very own this year anyway!

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