My Big Girl’s Birthday!

We celebrated Brooklyn’s birthday today! We did the typical presents and cake. Yay and Yum.
Allan’s parents came over after church to celebrate with us. When Brooklyn heard their car in the driveway she screamed and jumped up and down. Her grandma and grandpa heard the scream all the way outside! She was just a bit excited.

We started her birthday off before grandma and grandpa arrived. I knew Brooklyn would be impatient waiting for them (it’s an hour drive to our house) so I made some playdough to keep her and Sierra occupied.

They really loved it. They made cakes at the end and I let them have a couple candles to put on. I don’t remember where I got the recipe but there are a ton of sites- just google homemade playdough. (I can put the recipe I used up if anyone really wants to know, it turned out awesome)
Later this week I’m going to make edible playdough so Payson can join in.

After they’d played with the dough for quite a bit I let both girls open a present (on birthdays in our family the other kids get one or two little presents instead of goodie bags). These presents were homemade games I’d worked on last week.

When the girls got tired of playing with their games they played with balloons.

I stopped Brooklyn to take a picture in her “birthday chair”. The birthday chair is tradition and is simply a decorated chair. lol

She peeked at her presents.

And they played with the little tea sets I got them ($2.48 at Target right now!)

Me and my birthday girl.

The loot.

They played with the balloons for a loooong time.

Last night I was doing some baking and Allan was painting (more about that later) and when I came out after finishing I saw him painting this:

Payson used to be petrified of balloons but now LOVES them. He walks around holding them and constantly looks up to see them floating above. The look on his face is nothing but pride.

Sadly the balloons are now popped and in the trash. Tomorrow’s going to be busy for me and I won’t be able to watch Payson. Stray balloons are too dangerous to be in the same house as a toddler who puts everything in his mouth.

Brooklyn blew up a balloon all by herself for the first time.

I showed her how to let it go and watch it fly around the room. She liked that.

When grandpa and grandma got here we immediately went to open presents!

Every time I asked her what she wanted for her birthday she’d tell me a baby.

So she got a My Little Pony baby. She’s been really into My Little Ponies again.

She also got a high chair for the baby pony. She was really happy about that. I’m really happy that she’s into all the mommy stuff 🙂

Payson wasn’t too interested in watching Brooklyn open presents. He spent his time playing on Sierra’s booster chair.

Ahh, the wrappings.

Yes, wrappings are lots of fun.

Clean up.

Time for cake! For some reason Brooklyn kept frowning. I think she was just being silly.

She’d requested a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I made it from scratch- first time I’ve done that.

After cake we played with some of her new games.

The day ended with a gorgeous, fiery sunset.

So pretty.

Yep, her birthday was pretty darn great.
But don’t think it was perfect. There were some casualties.

Here a baking soda jar dropped because I was carrying too many things back to the pantry.


And here balloons I tied to the door brushed up against our stucco and popped. Oops.
But even with casualties, a great birthday.
All for this special girl.

10 thoughts on “My Big Girl’s Birthday!

  • Looks like she had a great day!! My eldest turned 7 on Sat, I swear it was only 5 mins ago when she was a tiny baby!!

  • Looks like a fun day – Happy Birthday Brookylyn! Looks like fun day. Oh and I'm the same way with balloons! After they've been untied from the chairs and are being played with, I always cut the long strings short (I worry about them being tangled up, especially around the neck) and then when they all go to bed, all the balloons get popped and into the trash. A bit paranoid I know but better safe than sorry.

  • Love it! I can just imagine how special Brooklyn felt with all those gorgeous decorations and all that attention.
    My girls have those MLP babies, too. Emmy's is possessed, I think, because it will start talking (“I love you!” “I'm hungry”) in the middle of the night, completely unprovoked. lol I hope hers doesn't do that!
    ITA with popping the balloons, too. We had a bunch of balloons blown up for Peyton's birthday and Hudson bit one — popped right in his mouth and sent me into panick mode. Balloons are dangerous little suckers!
    Peyton looked through these with me and she wants Brooklyn to come over and play today. Are you guys free?! lol Wouldn't that be nice? ;c)
    Happy Birthday, Brooklyn! Hope six is a great year for you!

  • So much fun!! And she looks so happy! Good job Mom & Dad! I love that Allen painted on the wall. I'm starting to get excited over Brooklyn's party. My mom has taken over most of buying of partying supplies…I think she thinks we are going to run out time. Whatever….I love all the pink and balloons. What a great day for her!! Happy big 6 Brooklyn!

  • Oh I am so glad she had such a fantastic birthday!
    I would love it if you could put up the recipe for the playdough as I have yet to find a decent recipe!
    Thank you

  • I feel like I want to write you a novel lol.

    First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKLYN!!! So I had Natalie's party on Saturday, and since we are “out of town” now, I didn't know how many of our family would/could come, so I invited her entire Sunday School class (at least 15 kids) and 1 came. 🙁 I am sooooo vowing to do simple parties like this from now on. After seeing the pics, and how cute everything is, and how happy the kids are, it totally makes sense. I am not wasting money on cheapo party favors and tons of food (we will be eating sandwich leftovers all week) anymore! My girls also each have a My Little Pony baby, and they love them. I think they are so cute too! What kind of homemade games did you make? I made a Princess Bingo game to play at the party and it was a hit. I think the girls are going to enjoy playing that for awhile. I'd love to hear what you did. And lastly, how did your Project Husband go? Did you really take a pic of Allan everyday for a month?

  • Yay Happy Birthday to Brooklyn! She looked so happy! Great job! And I so love that your husband painted on the wall for her. Awesomeness. Birthdays are a big affair in our family and we go all out for the kids. Sometimes is extends into a few days of birthday activities. How fun!

  • Aww, Happy birthday to Brooklyn! It looks like it was a very special day for her. We decorate the kitchen all up too, but I like the idea of the birthday chair. I might have to add that to our decorations next time around.

  • Aw, Houston's bday is coming up. Actually today is the day I originally went into labor before they stopped it.

    Six seems so big :*)

    Looks like a great party. Love the Happy Birthday on the wall 🙂 Very sweet.

    Looks like she racked up on gifts 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Brooklyn!! I'm a bit late though! 🙂 Looks like she had a fantastic day!!

    Love her outfit! I was eyeing up a skirt like that at Target for my girls but decided I should hold off. They have a birthday coming up in November!

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