Yesterday’s Messy Lunch

I already posted a couple pictures of Payson eating yesterday but I wanted to post some of them in color.

Wondering what that mix is?

Veggie Mix:
Lettuce (Romaine and Spinach)
Red Pepper
Garbanzo Beans

Fruit Mix:
I made a big batch of both. Payson eats a lot of things without being mashed but crunchy veggies he’s just not ready for yet. (He will eat them, I’m just worried he’ll choke)

He liked it. He preferred the fruit but he still ate all the veggies.

Want some?

He got pretty messy.

So he got another bath.

He loves getting a bath alone because he gets all the toys to himself.

After the bath he warms up in a nice big towel.

He’s happy. He loves being wrapped in a towel 🙂

This is totally unrelated but I love this picture of Sierra..

4 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Messy Lunch

  • Awesome pictures of adorable kids 🙂

    for the veggie mix for Payson, did you cook the veggies or just blend them raw??

  • I thought that had avacado in it! Do you have a book or site that you use to come up with “baby food” ideas, or do you just throw whatever sounds good in the blender/food processor?

  • Your child must seriously eat anything. There is no way I would be able to get Eli to eat that. I guess that's the difference in whether or not you feed your kids processed food or not. You are teaching them excellent healthy eating habits. Good Job!! That is something to really be proud of yourself about. I know I shouldn't use time as an excuse but I'm exhausted and I cook whatever is easy and that means it's not always on the heathly side. I'm going to try to do better though. 🙂

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