Payson’s a little bookworm. I grab a book and he sits on my lap, listens intently, looks at each picture, helps turn the page and points to each picture that especially strikes his fancy and asks, “ah dah???” (what’s that)

3 thoughts on “Bookworm

  • This must be generational as all of you kids and all the grandkids LOVE books! I used to pack them around and my mom says I had them memorized and always wanted someone to read one to me.

    It is hot today! A record for us at 103 degrees. You are probably used to it, eh?

    Missing you.

    Did you find out about the dental stuff? A lot of the family feels bad that you can't come. Esp. me and Jeena!

  • So cute. Cayden loves books to, but he just wants me to hold him and help him turn pages over and over, front to back and back to front. He doesn't wait for me to actually read the page. I look forward to when he gets past that.

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