4 thoughts on “Toddler Lunch

  • Aw! Love it!

    Oh and the peppers in the meatloaf are great.

    I cut up tons of bell peppers a few red peppers and some chili peppers and put about a cup of shreaded cheese in with the meatloaf mixture….SOOOO good.

    If we lived close I would drop you some by 😉

  • Toddler! That's crazy, because he's a bit younger then my youngest and I still want to call her my baby. Where on earth do these years go?!? So quickly!

  • gorgeous pictures! I love the creamy chocolate b&w. Did you use an action or is this something you came up with on your own? I can't seem to get my b&w conversions to look the way I want and definitely not with that gorgeous brown tone.
    I love how Payson is concentrating on his food and not even looking your way. Makes the photo perfect!

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