*so photobucket removed an image I had of Sierra finger painting. I guess they consider a shirtless 3 year old nudity >:(

Anyway, here’s just the ones of Payson. I can’t imagine they’ll remove the shirtless baby boy pictures. I mean, his nipples are so much less offensive and all. *can you picture me rolling my eyes?*

So I decided to let Payson try finger painting but I knew he’d eat the paint. I colored some vanilla pudding with food coloring and it worked out great.

You can see just how much he loved pudding by his goofy grin.

You just can’t consume pudding fast enough when using your fingers. Going straight for the plate (or lid in this case) is much more effective.


Allan says I should mention that this silly grin of his isn’t his real smile. He does this to be silly and make us laugh.

And it works.

We all laugh every time he does this.

Finger painting with pudding is a messy activity.

And he even does that crazy smile on request! Lucky me, huh? Instant pick me up 🙂
I say, “Payson do this face” and scrunch my face up like his, he does it.

I’m so thankful for this little boy in my life 🙂

3 thoughts on “Fingerpainting

  • That face is an instant pick me up for ME! Now though, I want to see a pic of you doing the face you're telling him to make! Come on! Do it for us! 🙂

  • I have been following your blog for a longgg longggg time and I've never commented, but OMG, how stinkin' cute is that?!!?

    Your family is adorable!

  • Those faces are hilarious and heartwarming [smile]. My niece doesn't do her funny faces on command, but she's got the lip curl going on too [smile].


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