A First!

I made homemade bread today for the first time.
I didn’t have the right kind of pan and I let it rise too long, but it tastes good anyway 🙂
Recipe here

And I also made more of these. I am addicted to them. Addicted to anything blueberry. Which is nice considering blueberries are in season and cheap. Woohoo!

I made mini muffins this time around and they turned out well. They’re perfect size for snack time.

Do you like to bake?
Have you tried any new recipes this week?
Do you like blueberries??

11 thoughts on “A First!

  • Those look super yummy! I love the mini-muffin pan. Smaller muffins = one for each hand. Perhaps I will try them next week? We have zucchini bread now, another use for all the in-season fruit / veggies.

  • Baking is hands down before cooking in this house! I love to bake, and yep, I love blueberries! No new recipes this week, but we did make your cookies and YUM! Thanks for sharing that link. 🙂

  • I am so not a baker. I'm a box mix girl. And my dh (or someone else) is always responsible for getting the things out of the oven, because otherwise, I ALWAYS burn them. lol Betty Crocker, I am not. But I do have a shelf in my pantry just for her lol.

  • Love to bake!!! But, it is way too hot right not to even contemplate using the oven 🙂 Can't wait for cooler weather to bring on the baking again!

  • Mmmmm, it all looks so good. We have been baking up a storm here, but not with blueberries, but with zucchini. I have it coming out our ears.

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  • This has nothing to do with your post but can I say that I am EXTREMELY excited to find your blog! The last I'd read you weren't going to have internet and you weren't going to update your blog. I was SOOOO bummed! Color me surprised when I saw a link at 2peas that you have this blog!! YAY!!!!

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